evox is a lifestyle network that uses neuroscience and psychophysiology to support our community in the desire to improve the quality of life. We create an online and offline learning environment that increases individual and group participation in enhancing the world's environmental, social, and economic growth.

Because of the carefully curated catalog of healthy products sold at our evoxMarketplace, and because of our planet-focused distributors, evox has a positive and rapidly-accelerating effect on Consumer Buying Behavior. We sell products that: 

  • Reduce unnecessary chemicals and additives

  • Are committed to a responsible supply chain that honors workers, communities, the environment, and the purchaser

  • Reduce unnecessary packaging and waste with recycled and recyclable containers and shipping methods

Because of our deeply focused content at evoxTelevision and our immersive learning curriculum programs that are committed to each of us discovering and affirming great life choices for physical, mental, emotional, fiscal, household, and community wellness, we:

  • Help people discover new ways to increase their satisfaction and happiness

  • Educate and coach with courses and training aligned with the audience's purpose and passions

  • Support and encourage full self-expression and acknowledgment of gratitude and community connection

Because of our Listening Ecosystem and robust and growing evox Community keeping in touch and supporting one another digitally and via live events and gatherings, we:

  • Decrease the experience of isolation and loneliness

  • Foster connection and collaboration among affinity-based groups gathering around passion and purpose

  • Measure, with cutting-edge neuroscience, the social good each of us accomplishes, well beyond previous measures of "self reporting"

EXPANSIVE VISION: The way we, as a society, measure social good has been fundamentally flawed. Our world is filled with best intentions and creators "piling on positivity" posting "good" thoughts and messages and hoping people feel better or inspired. evox is changing the game...and the science...and we're keeping you in the center of the exploration and discovery!

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​evox TV: Streaming Television Programming

We bring you original television programming about expanding consciousness and finding deeper meaning in life; delivered online and streamed to your favorite device. evox features a wide range of top quality HD video programming, including reality, comedy and drama, as well as talk shows, documentaries and cooking shows. New content is rolled out weekly, created by established producers, independent content creators, and evox community members themselves.

evox Marketplace: Sustainable Commerce

The evox Marketplace is an online shop dedicated to promoting sustainable commerce and connecting evox viewers with goods and services from globally-conscious brands that support their healthy lifestyles. But it’s more than just another online store: it’s a shopping experience that connects people with the companies that market to them, and gives shoppers a real voice. Product categories include food, personal care, apparel, home and garden and recreation and fitness, plus others. The evox retail team reviews each vendor’s specifications, full sourcing and the product lifecycle of every item for alignment with evox’s standards and values of sustainability, fair trade and social responsibility.

evox Social Community: a ListeningEcosystem 

evox is an environment that fosters exploration, self-discovery, and interaction with others: people to learn from, respond to, and be inspired by, to live a better life in a better world. The evox platform features original blogger content, virtual hangouts, community forums, meet-ups, surveys, comments and posts, to encourage participation at whatever level community members are comfortable with. By also engaging directly with brands and manufacturers, evox has created a ListeningEcosystem℠ that provides a direct way for people and brands to communicate and connect, to genuinely hear what consumers like and dislike, what they want and what they don’t, through the evox social platform. So, whether you’re focused on health, wellness, global and social issues, food, wine, travel, community projects, or more conscious consumerism, you’ll find it at evox. We’re the next evolution in entertainment.

Our Core Values

Inherent Goodness. We fundamentally believe that people are good, if not great. We will always strive to show the best aspects of our mutual humanity. Cultural Evolution. We believe that we cannot authentically provide a television, retail and social community unless we consistently develop our corporate culture and inculcate our core values. Absolute Integrity. No matter what the circumstances, we will always act with integrity, honor, gratitude and joy. And, should we forget, we will listen to our loyal community to remind us of our promise. Mutual Co-operation. We exist to elevate the stature, vision and mission of organizations who inspire people, organizations and institutions to be the best of humanity and what is possible in being alive. Sustainable Profitability. We are committed to prosper as a business, have a thriving passionate and visionary culture and pave the way for a world that is sustainable, extraordinarily happy and honors the integrity of the human spirit. Constant Learning. We are on a mission of continual exploration. We do not know, nor will provide answers. We will provide rich experiences for people to explore their lives, but we trust our audience, fans, partners, vendors, staff and community to know what's "right" for themselves. Responsible Citizenry. We promise to be a "for good, for profit" organization helping and supporting other entrepreneurs and businesses to be profitable, successful, and powerful in causing a change in the world that lets all people experience the joy of being alive. evox proudly supports many community and environmental non-profit, NGO, and charitable organizations domestically and internationally, with giving and donation/support, and volunteer team commitment company practices. Accountable Leadership. We promise to shut the doors, fire the staff, and oust the CEO or other executives who do not provide leadership or demonstrate the courage to lead global shifts. Thanks for your interest in evox - now join the evox community! 

About the evox Team

The evox team is a group of individuals with expertise across television, technology, e-commerce, health and wellness, and a collective interest in inspiring, entertaining, informing, and connecting people. evox was created around a common purpose of wanting to help people simply live better, and the belief that in so doing, the world will be a better place to live.


Xav Dubois

An entrepreneur and experienced entertainment industry professional, Xav has worked for and collaborated with networks and companies such as Cannon Pictures, New World, Paramount, MGM, Universal Pictures, FX Networks, and Fox Movie Channel. He is also the founder of Kenwood Solutions Group, an independent software company that develops and implements customized software solutions for medium and large media, governmental, and transportation groups. evox Television is the culmination of all these efforts.

Xav is passionate about the tangible difference that evox is making and will make in the world of entertainment, conscious-commerce, and the growing community of people looking for ways to contribute to and improve the QoL (Quality of Life) on the planet. 

Looking back, the Scouts is where I began to learn about being a global citizen and taking care of The Earth. A little later in life, an amazing teacher, Sharon Carper, took me under her wing and mentored me in learning more about the world and instilled in me a great curiosity about how to make our planet better. Later, I volunteered for Amnesty International and Greenpeace and have always been in the pursuit of Transformation both personally and in the world. Our company, evox, is very much engaged in the inquiry that I've been in for my entire life: "How do we make the planet and its people happier, more joyful, satisfied, and peaceful?"

We're using Video Content, Conscious Commerce, and a Global Community to help bring about a world that honors all and supports monetary and social systems that are honest, fair, and just for everyone! Our Television Network, evoxTelevision.com, supports this by showing content that empowers, educates, and inspires while evoxMarketplace.com supports people and vendors who are striving to lead healthier, happier, and more sustainable lives. We're proud to be part of the process and we truly appreciate YOU for being with us on this journey. We look forward to hearing from you and the many benefits we hope you reap by being a part of the evox Community.


Bridget Barrett

Bridget has been marrying entrepreneurial spirit with service-mindedness for decades.  After working as chief in-house counsel to a technology company in Silicon Valley, she co-founded a pioneering “virtual General Counsel” firm that provides high-quality legal services to the underserved startup market.  Her practice has supported private and publicly-held businesses in the technology, internet, media, nonprofit, sustainability practices and renewable energy industries for many years (including such companies as SolarCity and KACO new energy).

Her passions for constant personal growth, creative expression, and being of service led Bridget to pursue a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology, which she attained in 2014.  She continues to use those years of training in deep listening and counseling every day, and is deeply committed to using her learning in service to the continued awakening of consciousness in the world.

Bridget has rediscovered her lifelong love of a cappella ensemble singing.  She sings Baritone in a barbershop quartet and in the Santa Monica Chorus, a chapter of the Sweet Adelines International women’s barbershop singing organization.  She also currently enjoys serving on the chorus’ nonprofit organization board of directors.  

Using the unique combination of gifts, talents, skills, and tools I possess, I strive to touch, inspire, and empower others to become themselves fully, to live their highest truth, and to reach for their most heartfelt dreams.  



Andrew Mersmann

Andrew is author of Frommer’s 500 Places Where You Can Make a Difference global guide to volunteer vacations (Gold Medal—Best Guide Book). Former Editor in Chief of PASSPORT Magazine, featured at New York Times Travel Show, Smithsonian Associates, 92ndStreet Y-TriBeCa, Oprah and Friends, Animal House, The Focus Group, NY1 TV, judge for Condé Nast World Changers Conference. Mersmann’s service travel/volunteering blog: www.changebydoing.com

Andrew is committed to the concept that the wide chasm between where many people see themselves in their daily lives and the perceived far away place of having a profound impact on others is an illusion. One step gets us across, and there are also many bridges to help us find our way.

“I bang the Get-Out-There-And-Volunteer drum all the time—a little too loudly for some people’s taste, I’m sure. I find some of the most moving, poignant, goofy, hilarious, rewarding moments of my life have been working side-by-side in communities other than my own, and I wish that on everyone. I’m as much the lazy, shortcut-taking, boring, in hibernation mode dude as the next guy, so I treasure the times I get to focus outside my own skin, my own home, my own neighborhood. The fact that evox is committed to connection to ourselves and the world at large kinda rocks my world."


William A Larrenaga, C.P.A.

Bill is a former partner of KPMG LLP, one of the Big Four Certified Public Accounting Firms and resides in Wellesley, Massachusetts with his wife, Rebecca. During his KPMG career, he had Leadership responsibility as Partner-in-Charge of the Mid-Atlantic and New England Internal Audit Services Practices, Partner-in-Charge of two offices and served on the Board of Directors of the Firm and a predecessor Firm. Industry experience includes high tech, manufacturing, construction, retail and distribution.  

Bill currently serves middle market companies and several startup companies as their part time Chief Financial Officer helping them with their forecasting, organization, development of their business plans, financial statement preparation and general business advice. He has also consulted with companies ranging in size with revenues of five million to twelve billion dollars. He has served on the Board of a privately held company and several non-profit organizations including the Audit Committee and as a Fellow of the Massachusetts Historical Society. Bill is a graduate of Santa Clara University with a major in Accounting and a minor in Philosophy and acts as an Ambassador for Santa Clara University.  

Bill has always believed in giving back to the communities in which he lives by serving on various nonprofits as Chairman of the Board and as an active member. These organizations include Board of Education, Town of Wellesley Light Plant Committee, Audit Committee and Town Member, Boston Catholic Charities, Wellesley Country Club Board, Big Sisters of Boston and various other nonprofit groups.





Julie Fahnestock

Writing stories of businesses creating positive impact was what Julie Fahnestock did for fun. From fair trade, to closed-loop, to the locavore movement, Julie has always been committed to promoting the sustainable impact of social enterprises. A recent partner of evox Television, she is also the Creative Director and Sustainability Storyteller for B Storytelling, a B Corp and brand development/content strategy company. B Storytelling has helped dozens of sustainability-minded entrepreneurs strategically discover and position their stories. From start-ups like SunCommon, a growing solar company in Vermont, to Lands’ End, one of the world’s leading apparel companies, B Storytelling views every level of impact as a reason to celebrate.

Julie holds an MBA in Sustainability from Marlboro College Graduate School and blogs for 3BL Media and Triple Pundit. She has ten years of experience in nonprofit management and communications. Both evox Television and B Storytelling marry her understanding of business, brand building, and personal convictions. Julie is a recent Brooklyn resident and falls in love with NYC more and more every day.


Greg Hemmings

As an entrepreneur, filmmaker, and community movement-maker, Greg Hemmings is a global thought leader in the area of positive social impact filmmaking. Greg’s focus is on how companies can inspire positive change by investing in the sharing of important stories, which can significantly increase brand trust in the market.

His commitment for positive social change has taken him and his team to all corners of the world to tell global stories to inspire local change and local stories to inspire global change. His company, Hemmings House, is a certified B-Corporation and has been producing film content for the brand marketing and global broadcast industries for over a decade. They have also created a process that engages social community and brand stakeholders in the film story experience helping to accelerate social movements that matter to them.

Greg is also a mentor, public speaker, podcaster, writer, adventurer, musician…and most importantly a dad and husband.

Greg's philosophy is simple: If we want to see transformation happen in our world and in our communities, we cannot wait for governments and philanthropists to make the necessary changes on their own. We, as business owners and global citizens, need to walk side-by-side to support, and in many cases lead, the change.  





evox Advisors

Dr. Paul Bolls

Dr. Paul Bolls grew up in the Bozeman, Montana area and loves escaping into the mountains whenever possible. Prior to graduate school, he spent eight years working on-air in commercial radio mostly in Bozeman. While attending Montana State University for his bachelors degree, he was fortunate to have Professors mentor him through research experiences. This translated into his own passion for mentoring both undergraduate and graduate students through research experiences outside of the classroom. He does this primarily through his research group, Media Mind Insights, a research team dedicated to studying how the human brain processes and responds to media. Dr. Bolls and his wife (Val) moved to Lubbock in December of 2015. They enjoy the friendliness of the Lubbock community and vibrant Texas Tech campus.

Jerry Dackerman

Jerry is the founding partner and CEO of Integral Performance and has served as CEO of six public and private companies over the last 30 years. He founded 3 companies and took another public on the NASDAQ exchange. His diverse industry sector experience includes Energy, IT, Telecommunications, Marketing and Advertising, and Financial Services. He has been a non-executive director for three companies including a leading mutual fund and has been involved in Turnarounds, Joint Ventures, Alliances, Investment Banking, Acquisitions, and Mergers. He is focused on leadership elevation and performance management for clients globally.

Tim Dukes

Tim Dukes, Ph.D. consults with senior leaders and teams, established business owners, political and organizational visionaries, emerging innovators, entrepreneurs, and artists to bridge the worlds of dynamic opposition so that what seems to be a contradiction can actually inform a process of continued evolution into clarity.

His model for clarity is based on presence and mindfulness distilled from years of coaching leaders, clinical work, academic research, and contemplative practices. With clarity, a leader can be an inspired, authentic communicator, transform challenges into professional mastery, and be accountable for his or her actions. His process fosters a relational environment based on insight, trust, and candor.

Terry Gips

For more nearly four decades, Gips has been at the forefront of the sustainability movement, helping countless people, organizations, and communities meet the challenge of living more sustainably.

Gips is an internationally recognized sustainability leader, ecologist, agricultural economist, and business consultant who serves as  CEO and President of Sustainability Associates, was co-founder and executive director of Alliance for Sustainability and its Center for Spirituality and Sustainability, Director of Ecological Affairs at Aveda, founding vice-chair of Congregations Caring for Creation, adjunct faculty member at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, board member of the Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life, and board member of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota and the Dakotas.

The author of the widely acclaimed Breaking the Pesticide Habit and the co-author of The Humane Consumer and Producer Guide, Gips served as technical editor of Reviving the Land and has written numerous articles based on his work in 45 countries.

Garvin Jabusch

Garvin is the Chief Investment Officer for Green Alpha Advisors. Prior to co-founding that company in 2007, Garvin worked at Forward Management, LLC where he managed the Sierra Club Stock Fund and the Sierra Club Equity Income Fund.

Before Forward Management, Garvin served as Vice President of Strategic Services at Morgan Stanley where he contributed to such projects as the integration of European acquisitions and the sale of Morgan Stanley Online. He also served as a product manager at Morgan Stanley Online, managing the launches of wireless trading and after-hours trading for the firm’s clients. After-hours trading on MarketXT marked the first time retail investors in the U.S. had the opportunity to trade in the after-close markets. His other experience includes research and analysis, trading and mutual fund sales.

Earlier, Garvin studied in the Ph.D. program in physical anthropology and archaeology for five years at the University of Utah. Garvin was a field Director for the American Expedition to Petra, Jordan for two excavation seasons, and served as archaeologist and crew chief at many sites in the American West. Other jobs held by Garvin have included EMT and whitewater rafting guide.

Garvin holds an MBA in international management and finance from the American Graduate School of International Management (Thunderbird). His mix of business and science-intensive backgrounds brings knowledge of long-term systemic risk and societal collapse to portfolio management.

Annie Longsworth

Founder and CEO—The Siren Agency; Chair & Advisory Board—Sustainable Brands; former CEO—Saatchi & Saatchi S.  

Experienced, entrepreneurial executive committed to positive change through business. Depth of knowledge in sustainability and brand communication strategy, CSR, marketing and PR and consumer behavior change. Proven leader dedicated to team success. Specialized knowledge in purpose-driven sustainability and environmental communication strategy.

Specialties: Purpose-driven brand communication and storytelling, TBL sustainability, consumer engagement, public relations, communication planning.

Nick Neuhausel

Nick Neuhausel is a partner and executive vice president at culture-shaping firm Senn Delaney, a Heidrick & Struggles company. He also leads Senn Delaney's energy practice. Nick brings significant business leadership and consulting capabilities to help clients build healthy, high-performance cultures that deliver strong, sustainable business results. He builds strong and lasting relationships with senior executives and as a trusted advisor, helps them to lead and shape the cultures of their respective organizations. A former client of Senn Delaney himself, Nick has directly experienced many of the issues facing Senn Delaney clients, as well as the positive impact of improved spirit and performance. His extensive executive-level experience leading human resources and business functions inside companies enables him to quickly assess the situation and develop systematic approaches to address the issues impeding performance.

Nikki Pava

Nikki is the founder of Alegria Partners, a consulting firm that specializes in planning and executing marketing communications and sustainability initiatives for mission-driven companies. She holds an MBA in Sustainable Business from the Presidio School of Management and works in a strategic capacity with Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and non-profits to develop and reach specific, measurable goals.

Nikki co-foundedEcoTuesday, a national networking forum that facilitates vital connections and essential change in the business community. EcoTuesday has hosted more than 300 events and is currently thriving in six cities across the country. In 2012, Renewable Energy News named Nikki one of the “Top 10 Women in Cleantech and Sustainability.” Nikki serves on the Board of Directors for Women in Cleantech & Sustainability and Going Organic Magazine and has spoken at Harvard University and the Women in Green Forum.

Gaurav Purohit

A retail professional with 13 years of experience and specialization in P&L management, category management, operations, and supply chain. Gaurav has experience in online and brick-and-mortar retail formats handling diverse product portfolios such as CPG both food and non food, footwear, travel, electronics, soft furnishing, home interiors, and fashion. He has managed team sizes of over 300 across different functions of retail at various level of hierarchy. With a global outlook and his MBA at Babson focusing on strategy and global management Gaurav guides evox retail decisions.​

Russ Stoddard

Russ started Oliver Russell in 1991 and is the brand building expert company’s president and founder. He’s committed his career (nearly 30 years) to social responsibility, first inside the corporate world and then as an entrepreneur who’s started four companies and five nonprofit causes. Russ is the author of "Rise Up - How to Build a Socially Conscious Business," and his creative work has been honored with local, regional, and national creative awards. These days, Russ focuses on brand strategy for clients, spreading the Certified B Corp love, and connecting kindred spirits to multiply social impact.

Russ also co-founded digital cause marketing start up, Social Good Network, and serves as advisor to GoodWell as well as being founder of four nonprofits, with deep involvement in the social enterprise community.