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As consumers in a rapidly growing world economy, we have an insatiable appetite for the next greatest electronic gadget, like smartphones and TVs. But can we consume cheap imported products without exploiting someone in the supply chain?


Amar Bhide, Cam Simpson, Christine Bader, Jeffrey Sachs, Julian Kirby


Directed by: Jehane Noujaim, Geeta Gandbhir; Film Production: Producer: Karim Amer, Co-Producer: Tracy Nguyen-Chung, Writer: Nicholas Klein, Editor: Andrew Swioff, Sound Design: Jesse Peterson, Rerecording Mixer: Tom Paul, Colorist: Dalia Mossad, Production Manager: Tracy Nguyen-Chung, Production Assistant: Tyler Wallace; New York Unit: Director of Photography: Naiti Gamez, Director of Photography: Nick Fitzhugh, Sound Recordist: David Schumacher, Production Assistant: Miguel Garzón Martínez; London Unit: Director of Photography: Chris Scott, Sound Recordist: Jack Sandham, Field Producer: Aleksandra Bilic; Additional Footage and Film Clips Provided by: Fairphone, Friends of the Earth, Human Rights Action Center, Jörn Barkemeyer & Jan Künzl, Ksawery Jan Oroczko, Stephan Huelsen, & Steffen Mackert, Milieudefensie, Michael Watts, NeuralSync™,, Rainforest Alliance, South-South News, UNI Global Unity, US Uncut,; Photography Stills provided by: Africa Renewal, Andrew Hong, Betsy Dorsett, Brave New Films, Brent Moore, Dan Zen, Dr. MH Saher, ENOUGH Project, Gwan Kho, Leonardo Bonanni, Marten van Dijl, Matilde Gattoni/Tandem Reportages, Michael Kelley, Nchenga, Rick Cooper, Robert Scoble, Steve Calcott, Todd Glass, Ulet Ifansasti/Friends of the Earth; Special Thanks: Fairphone, Friends of the Earth, Oxfam, Michael Posner, Kyu-Young Lee, Erin Trowbridge, Jeffrey Sachs, Amar Bhide, Cam Simpson, Julian Kirby, Bas van Abel, Tessa Wernick, Roos van de Weerd, Daria Koreniushkina, Richard Elliott, Adam Brandenburger, Dina Amer, Naiti Gamez, Freek Bersch, Evert Hassink, Melanie Kramers, Amelia Collins, Christine Bader, Peggy Noonan, Jeffrey Miron, Simon Lester, Margot Saher, Leonardo Bonanni, Marten van Dijl, Ulet Ifansasti, Matilde Gatton, We Make Brands, UNI Global Unity, Milieudefensie, Human Rights Action Center, Jörn Barkemeyer, Jan Künzl, Ksawery Jan Oroczko, Stephan Huelsen, Steffen Mackert, Lisa Wisely, Byron Qiao, Gugi van der Velden, Roy Radner, Ksawery Jan Oroczko, Jack Healey, Amy Poncher, Seth Brau, Rachel Travis, Karen Shin, Katharine Grant, Rob Massey

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