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Directed by Morgan Spurlock


Meet Ugg, Glugg, and Tugg, three enterprising cave men who accidentally invented trade, marketing, and the base elements of the modern market economy.


Morgan Spurlock, John Steele Gordon, Judah Friedlander, Annalyn Kurtz, Adam Davidson; Caveman: Besanya Santiago, Christopher Spurrier, Bill Levy, Jon Noto, Vincent C. Parker, David James Palmer, Lucy Locke, Nathanial F. Peart, Brendan Malafronte


Directed by Morgan Spurlock; Writers: Jeremy Chilnick and Morgan Spurlock; Executive Producers: Jeremy Chilnick & Morgan Spurlock; Producer: Danny Walton; Associate Producer: Amanda Messenger; Directors of Photography: Filipp Penson and Paul Rondeau; Production Designer: Timothy Whidbee; Editor: Brian Nils Johnson; Art Director: Will Hatch Crosby; Art Production Assistant: Anna Krustenko & Thomas Mularney; 1st Assistant A Camera: Greg Pace; 1st Assistant B Camera: Zach Rubin; Additional Assistant Camera: Andrew Juhl; Gaffer: Drew Verderame; Key Grip: Dylan Laziza; Production Sound Mixer: Abe Dolinger; Best Boy Electric: Brooks Lockwood; Best Boy Grip: Alex Nelson; Costume Designer: Bree Perry, Brendan Malafronte & Amira Moodie; Hair and Makeup: Jess Toth & Kaela Dobson; Hair and Makeup Assistants: Brenda Colon & Dayeon Kang; Production-Manager: Stacey Kleiger; Production Secretary: Namrata Shah; Post Production Supervisor: Adam Sonnenfeld; Assistant Editors: Luke Northrop and Kyle Robert Bradley; Production Assistants: Erena Willis, Joe Visconti, Johnny Sibilly & Daniel Graf; Production Interns: Madison Ginsberg & Sabrina Sayeed; Graphics & Animation: Nico Puertollano; Colorist: Brian Boyd

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