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About the Series 

Here at evox, we celebrate consumers making conscious decisions about purchasing. With every good we purchase, the way items are sourced, made, and distributed, from the people working on them to the drivers delivering them, the entire planet is affected!

We have teamed up with some of the biggest game-changers in the health and sustainability industries to share their stories with you! World-Changing Brands is a series created to highlight the individuals and companies who are making a positive difference in the world—socially and environmentally. 

We all know buzzwords that truly matter, like fair-trade, organic, green, natural, responsibly-sourced, and more  for the products we use every day, and here is why they matter. You too can make a difference in the world by supporting brands that are dedicated to having a positive impact on Earth. 

Ready to discover why impact is a driving force in business? Check out these World-Changing Brands!

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