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Green Wish is a grassroots, non-profit organization that funds local, green organizations through customers’ small donations at local retailers. Simply put: We’re a charity that helps fund green projects in your neighborhood! We help people to support a movement – not just one organization, but multiple ones. 

Green Wish partners with local retailers, which place our donation cards right at their cash registers. Customers can “buy” and add Green Wish donations on to their purchase at the retailer. These donations are collected by local Green Wish chapters and distributed regularly to area organizations that have been carefully vetted. The board of directors in each chapter evaluates and selects deserving organizations with track records of good work across the green spectrum, focusing on air, water, earth and environmental education. Ninety cents of every dollar goes to your local green groups. 

We started in Los Angeles with a chapter supporting nine organizations in Southern California. Our ultimate goal is to start Green Wish chapters across the country, all supporting groups in their communities. Visit www.greenwish.com to learn more!" 

From the Green Wish Blogs… 

Summer Eco Tips from Eco-MacGyver 

“Darren Moore, aka “Eco-MacGyver,” is an innovator in sustainable design and construction and a key Green Wish National board member. In 2006, he founded Ecovations Lifestyles Inc. to support the use of sustainable building practices and lifestyle choices. Currently Ecovations is creating a solar array system that mimics nature and follows the sun. Darren is also removing 90% of the lawn at his new house. Every 2 months, we’ll post his key Eco-Tips to help you live more green, to save natural resources and money! Below are Darren’s Eco-Tips as we head into the summer of 2013." …read more 

Atmospheric CO2 at Highest Level in Human History 

“Concentrations of carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere have reached 400 parts per million (ppm) for the first time in human history, according to readings from the US government observatory in Hawaii. 

The last time this amount of greenhouse gas was in the air was three to five million years ago, when sea levels were forty meters higher than today and the Arctic was ice free. Similar conditions are expected to return in time – with devastating consequences for human civilisation – unless CO? emissions are rapidly curtailed." …read more 

Green Wish Kansas Finds Common Ground 

“Green Wish Kansas currently supports, both with donations and participation, the Sustainability Action Community Gardens, which were created by the Sustainability Action Network. Over several years, they have endeavored to create community gardens in the Lawrence and tri-county area. An objective of Sustainability Action is to help educate people about how to grow their own food, and thus become more self-reliant.” …read more 

A Message from Raphael Sbarge 

"After the birth of my daughter, I was struck by how strong and good I suddenly felt as a father. Conversely, I also felt remarkably vulnerable and defenseless to protect this little person’s journey in a world as vast and complex as ours. Intellectually, of course, I knew that part of growing up is learning from the hard knocks of experience. But I asked myself: “What can I do, and how can I contribute in any small way to leave the world a little better then when I found it, for Gracie?” …read more

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