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evox had the privilege of attending several of the more than 110 events around Boston that the amazing City Awake Team created to put Boston on the Map (and do a throw-down with the rest of the world) as being the “Top City for Social Impact Business and Organizations in the World.”  You'll see video from Ashoka, Refuge Point, Level Ground, One Brick Boston, Teen Empowerment, and Volta Visual — only a few of the organizations that attended the City Awake events. To see a full list of the Speakers, Organizations, and Partners of the Boston City Awake 2014 Event, click here.

Andrew, Joey, and Xav from evox decided last minute to capture some of the speakers at the events and we didn't have any of our video or audio equipment, so the videos you are seeing were filmed with our Mobile phones, iPad, and a home video camera along with a microphone we bought that morning at Radio Shack!  So, please watch and listen for the amazing speakers and not the quality of the video itself.  KUDOS to one of our newest members on the evox Team, Armando Torres, for taking the footage we gave him and doing some magic and creating some really solid videos.


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Mike (not verified)


These are really great!  Thank you for sharing these from the City Awake Boston events.  

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