Megan and Peggy Curry in their kitchen

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Remember how great it feels to share a meal?

Peggy and Megan Curry are a mother and daughter duo who bring families to the table with their simply delicious recipes. We specialize in family cooking, gluten-free living, dietary challenges, and recovery for families of all ages. We believe wholeheartedly that food is love bringing families together and making the kitchen table the heart of every home. We are all about seasonal, local, farm fresh ingredients and we regard taste as being equally paramount to the ingredients we use. We believe simple preparation allows for stress-free, enjoyable cooking, that lets ingredients shine through. We value opportunities for families and friends to gather around the kitchen table to share the abundant blessings and joy of eating meals together. We encourage you to slow down, connect with your loved ones, and feel the nourishment and love in food.

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