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Excerpt from Ch VIII: BEING

Appreciation for the Inward Outlook results in a developmental process which ongoingly unfolds us. Humor is a sense, much like sight or hearing, that we have as a gift—though it is not a physical sense, so it is not contingent on the world of form to have its impact. In fact, its impact takes place in the realm of thought. Its immaculate conception, however, is in the realm of the Formless or Infinite Intelligence, so its transformational capacity lies in its ability to return us to Source.

This attitude of Transformational Humor, this Inward Outlook, is part of the sight and hearing of the faculty of intuition, informing us of the doorway to peace, well-being, and happiness. It is a sense that is ever-available; and though It can be ignored, It cannot be extinguished.

The Inward Outlook is a way of Being. From cultivating alignment with Its principles, we can remember what is real and true: hopefulness, happiness, and peace. From the Formless vantage point and way of being of the Inward Outlook: All’s right with the world.

“Well, again, I would attribute it to your level of understanding, going back to what we talked about earlier, your understanding that it’s all made up in the first place, that it’s all going to work out . . . there’s a greater force behind it, there’s a power or deeper intelligence that’s guiding us through life—a spiritual intelligence.

So knowing that you can always trust that and rely on it helps you to lighten up, even if you’re gripped by something, or feel like you have a stake in something, or you’re upset because something isn’t going a certain way.

It’s that knowing, that understanding, that if you just relax, and get a good feeling back, and trust life, and feel grateful for what you have, something will happen, something will come from somewhere you don’t expect to solve the problem.

It may go in a different direction, but it will be perfect.”

~Dr. Roger Mills 

© 2014 From: THE INWARD OUTLOOK ™ by Laura Basha, PhD

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