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Excerpt from Chapter VIII, “BEING”, pp. 77-79

“Through practicing this outlook over time, life experience becomes ongoingly easier—not the circumstances so much, but rather the capacity to address circumstances with less and less concern or struggle. There is more impact with less effort. Whether in teaching or in leading others, you will find the people in your life are relaxing around you; inquiries and questions of a more spiritual depth will come forth as people ask about your new perspective or simply want to be around you. The ease generated by cultivating the Inward Outlook is contagious and compelling.

Much of this response has to do with the lack of judgment and the increase of acceptance inherent in this compassionately humorous attitude, which results in more depth with more lightheartedness and fewer objections from the intellect. This is not to imply that people stop questioning, for that is essential to growth; rather, people become more reflective in a respectful way. This type of inquiry creates a fertile condition for emergence of insight, and it is a way of greeting life experience: listening for innate well-being, and through such listening, eliciting the same.

From the Inward Outlook perspective, one brings what one is looking for. This is a way of Being in the world, not of the world, which catalyzes happiness and joy in self and others.

… The hopeful purpose of this book is to facilitate a shift in the belief people have about the accessibility of lightness of spirit, which can lead to extraordinarily positive individual, group, family, or organizational results. People generally have not perceived lightheartedness as a community issue as much as they have perceived it as a personal issue. One intent of this focused inquiry is to illuminate the importance of lightness of spirit in any culture. Be it a relationship between two people, relationships inside a family structure, or those out in the community or in business, lightness of spirit facilitates specifically desired positive change. Such possibility of positive change, of not only making a difference but being the difference we wish to see in our world, in the world, begins within our own thinking, Center to circumference.

… We can awaken to our innate capacity for creating a fulfilling and joyful life experience. … an attitude of hopefulness, compassion, and humility lays a strong foundation for a content and serene life experience.

The nonverbal communication of lightheartedness leaves a person with less to react to, less to resist, fewer feelings of defensiveness, and hence more openness to the resonance of Infinite Intelligence. Such resonance takes the form of whatever insight is needed, and positive change effortlessly begins. Cultivating this way of listening to life experience generates a presence and way of being in the world, the energy of which awakens others to the truth that at the core of Life, All Is Well.”

© 2014 From: THE INWARD OUTLOOK ™ by Laura Basha, PhD

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