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“One’s purpose statement—a realization of who one is at core, who one wants to be as a presence in one’s world, and what one wants to bring to one’s life experience and to the experience of others—operates as a touchstone for remembering.

Choosing the purpose statement aligns us with who we say we are … aligning with our own words which capture the essence of our own authenticity. Acting in alignment with our personal articulation of the essence of ourselves … we remember our authentic self-expression— that which we have always been but, for a variety of reasons, “forgot” or trained ourselves to forget, in order to fit in.

The work then becomes distinguishing the inauthenticities we have created as a persona for survival. By shining the light on these inauthenticities, we come to understand that, because of how we have been seeing life experience, we have been making certain choices that produce certain results we do not want.

This insight reveals that all it takes to facilitate change, to express authentically, is to get clear about what we want, how we want to be in the world, and make choices consistent with producing these results.”

© 2014 From: THE INWARD OUTLOOK ™ by Laura Basha, PhD, pp. 64-65

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