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“Transformational impact refers to a significant influence that catalyzes a restructuring of perception, which can then result in a variety of previously unseen alternative choices.

It is a step-change that shifts the status quo.”

~ from “The Inward Outlook”, p. 86

Transformational Humor describes an aspect of humor elicited from what I will refer to as a “humor continuum.” This continuum ranges from a baser, more cumbersome expression of what might be perceived as disrespect or even cruelty (fear), to a more ironic sarcasm at another’s expense, to jokes and social and political humor, to satire, to fun and comedy. The continuum then expands to transformational humor, moving from a humorous expression to a life perspective of lightheartedness, general optimism, quiet contentedness, and hopefulness. Over time, this perspective deepens to an unflappable sense of knowing that in spite of all appearances and circumstances to the contrary, there is goodness and hope and an inherent order that moves toward a positive perfection.

This above reference to the “humor continuum” refers directly to a continuum of understanding, or an individual’s level of understanding, regarding the ability of thought to create his or her experience. This definition of what I am calling the “humor continuum” correlates with the Inward Outlook perspective of “levels of understanding.”

It behooves us to update our definition of humor and increase our awareness and understanding of the Inward Outlook paradigm as it pertains to relationship, group or community interactions, as well as business culture. What does the value of lightheartedness hold for all of us? In recognizing humor as a state of mind, as a psychological vantage point from which to meet life experience, our inquiry can demonstrate how such a mind-set begins to create an interaction and a consequent environment. In any area of life experience, such an environment is fun, uplifting, and creative, and is a compelling draw. An environment permeated with lightheartedness and humor contributes to, and actually creates, transformation toward positive change.

An attitude which greets life with inspired expectation and an understanding of the power inherent in being present in the moment brings with it a capacity for resilience and, consequently, a more stress- free life experience. Such an attitude generates a growth mind-set which integrates people’s personal values with the choices they make. Anyone who values humor and good feeling values health and well-being for self and others, and realizes the connection between well-being and a happy, fulfilled life experience.

© 2014 From: THE INWARD OUTLOOK ™ by Laura Basha, PhD

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