Jess Adkins on Global Warming Part 1





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California Institute of Technology professor Jess Adkins discusses global warming, its causes, misconceptions, truths and how we need to start thinking about it to save our planet.

About Jess Adkins, Ph.D., MIT
Jess Adkins graduated with a PhD from the MIT-Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute joint program in Oceanography in 1998. He worked as a post-doc at Columbia University and the University of Minnesota until his arrival at Caltech in 2000. In the last ten years his group has worked to understand the history of the earth’s climate through measurements of ocean sediments and their interstitial fluids, deep-sea corals, and stalagmites from the tropics. The Adkins group also explores the mechanisms of coral skeleton formation and the trace metal content of the ocean. Jess and his wife Tami Kitchen live in Altadena with their two children.

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