We Shall Overcome / Love Will Rise Again



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"We Shall Overcome" Music Video by Empty Hands Music, Directed by Ellie Walton & Nimo Patel




We Shall Overecome Written and performed by Nimo Patel and Daniel Nahmod.

Produced by: Daniel Nahmod, Nimo Patel, Corbett

Mix and Engineered by: Daniel Nahmod

This Music Video is being released one week before the celebration of Independence for the United States of America in the year of 2018. During this time we ask us all to reflect, what does ‘freedom’ really mean. What does the Statue of Liberty really represent?

True freedom, is for all beings across the planet, to be free from suffering.

This video is a dedication to that movement. The movement to overcome suffering and violence, through a heart-based revolution for all beings that breathe on this planet. We Shall Overcome! Love will and is rising again! One heart at a time. A slow and gradual but strong revolution from the deepest space of humanity, the heart.

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