Music Video: Superhero Honoring Our Heroes, Nimo Patel



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How can we ever share enough gratitude for all those playing their part during these unprecedented times?

Watch and share our newly released music video “Superhero, an ode to each and every hero in our lives who embody resilience and remind us that we can all do something. They show us that together we are stronger. We thank you!

Help honor our heroes by:
1) Sharing the "Superhero" Video with your community, family and friends:
2) Finding a way to serve the front-line workers during this Covid crisis.
3) Wearing a Mask and Social Distancing.
4) Reading and sharing inspiring stories at:
5) Supporting relief efforts in your local community.

Remember that when we act from a space of love, no matter how small or big our action, we are unleashing our superpowers. We are all powerful! 7.8 Billion Strong.

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