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Another Empty Hands Music collaboration between Nimo and Magical filmmaker and sister Ellie Walton to create "Keep Loving" – A Universal Love Song.

Nimo was inspired to write this song from his experiences living in the Gandhi Ashram in India for the past 5 years. Mahatma Gandhi practiced a life and message of non-violence and love. At the foundation of this type of love, is the capacity to embrace all, accept everyone where they are at, and keep loving them more: through our prayers, our thoughts and our actions.

While Ellie Walton and Nimo were playing with the DC community in the summer of 2014 during the Empty Hands Tour, Ellie mentioned to Nimo that she wanted to create a music video for this song. But she wanted to capture the message through human experiences in public transportation - more specifically the NY Subway system.

8 months later, with the loving help of Tanisha Christie, Neelam Vaswani, Chad Harper and other dear souls we share with you this gift of a music video, song and message that says we are one family – just Keep Loving!

To download, for free, the Empty Hands album, visit the link...a gift offering to the world.

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