Fearlessly Free Dr. Laura Basha

About the Series 

"I am inspired to be bringing to you this new series of programs and readings through evox television! My interest and intention is to expansively open up the conversation of well-being, dialoguing about pragmatic transformational structures through which we can distinguish and free ourselves from old limiting patterns of thought and behavior, and consequently self-actualize.

I have a quietly passionate commitment for every one of us to awaken to our own unique and authentic self-expression, creativity, and power. Over time, we will recognize together how we have been innocently holding ourselves back from the fulfillment we want, ultimately reclaiming our sense of purpose and clarity at increased levels of effectiveness. We will cultivate the grace of wisdom, and develop the capacity to generate compassionate humor, all combining for an overall life experience of serenity, ease, and joy.

I am inspired to be of service to visionary and creative people of all ages, cultures, and in all walks of life who are committed to the intrinsic reward and profound presence born of self actualization: YOU!" 

- Dr. Laura Basha​

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