The Green Alpha approach to fossil fuels and portfolio construction differs from that of other fund managers and divesting activists. As a top-down, global growth equity manager, our approach is to... read more
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As recently as my early childhood - I'm in my mid-forties - the ways we communicated in this world were by rotary telephone, pen-on-paper snail mail, and face to face conversation. We knew about... read more
Okay, the title "The Future Could Not Be Clearer" is a bit of an overstatement. But when it comes to the economy, we don’t need a crystal ball to understand what is coming next. Rarely in history... read more
You are drilling for oil and natural gas, and you probably don’t even know it.  What, you say you’ve never near a drilling rig, and aren’t even sure what one looks like?  You’re still... read more
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[This post originally ran on 2.20.2013 on the Sierra Club's Blog page.] Today’s post is by fellow green economist Tom Konrad. Tom is a financial analyst, portfolio manager, and freelance... read more
I love tulips and had the pleasure of driving from California to Mt Vernon, Washington with my husband to see the tulips bloom in April of this year. The tulip festival has attracted... read more
When their boss tried to fire them, the workers of Republic Windows and Doors occupied the factory. Now they own it as a cooperative. Four years ago, as the recession took hold and layoffs... read more
Welcome to evoxProsper! I’m Lynell Green and I am excited to have an opportunity to share this journey with you and all of the amazing evox team members. evox itself has an innovative... read more
From now on, the global mantra for filling market gaps is going to be, “There’s a co-op for that.” But a cooperative needs customers, money, and training. How do we shift from business as usual to... read more