Scrabble tiles spell out RETIRE WEALTH SECURITY
Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s talk about some of the core core concepts of early retirement and financial independence (FIRE).  First, a loose definition: Financial... read more
DIRECTED BY MARY HARRON WHAT IS INEQUALITY? "This Won't Hurt a Bit!" is a short film that tells the all-too-familiar tale of American healthcare. A patient enters a hospital with a migraine... read more
ten and twenty dollar bills piled
When we say money comes and money goes it implies that money has a mind of its own. Like we do. We wake up and plan our day. We are going here. We are going there. We... read more
illustrated red and white calendar on black background
“2015! This is the year that I create and keep my financial goals. This is the year I save a percentage of everything I earn. This is the year that I get out of debt. This is the year that I cut up... read more
slow cooker graphic with colorful backdrop
Eating out is awesome! I live about three blocks away from burger joints, Mexican, Japanese, Italian, Korean, and not one but TWO Thai food restaurants. It’s no wonder I loved going out for... read more
over the shoulder of man working on laptop at cafe
There’s no question that working from home has its perks — free coffee on tap, no commute (which contributes to a lower carbon footprint!), and the freedom of working in your pajamas all day long if... read more
overhead shot of many children from Sudan all in pink shirts
We've torn a new page off the calendar, and as 2015 is unmistakably underway, it is time to consider how we will embrace this year. For those whose finances allow for investing, there is an... read more
Impact Hub Philly co-working space
Our company, evox, is by definition a “Public Benefit Corporation,” which requires lots of specifically high standards and commitments to community and the environment as mandated in our corporate by... read more
brain rising from cardboard box
Did you know that western society and education may set you up to fail as an entrepreneur? Starting and managing your own business requires us to access our full potential as human beings, however... read more