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There’s no question that working from home has its perks — free coffee on tap, no commute (which contributes to a lower carbon footprint!), and the freedom of working in your pajamas all day long if... read more
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We've torn a new page off the calendar, and as 2015 is unmistakably underway, it is time to consider how we will embrace this year. For those whose finances allow for investing, there is an... read more
Impact Hub Philly co-working space
Our company, evox, is by definition a “Public Benefit Corporation,” which requires lots of specifically high standards and commitments to community and the environment as mandated in our corporate by... read more
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Did you know that western society and education may set you up to fail as an entrepreneur? Starting and managing your own business requires us to access our full potential as human beings, however... read more
Christmas graphic with gifts and message "HOLIDAY RECYCLING"
DEBT-FREE FOR THE HOLIDAYS What’s Holiday Recycling? It’s a term I’m using to explain how to save a lot of money on holiday gifts by recycling what you already own. Here’s how I did it: My dad got... read more
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(In part 1 of this article, we talked about three unhelpful myths about gaining control of your credit—it’s easier than you think. Read on for more…) Myth 4: Checking Your Credit Will... read more
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Having good credit is the key to living a good, comfortable, quality life and gaining the level of success you really want. It provides financial comfort, stability, and a means to the... read more
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Debt-Free for the Holidays By The Intelligent Optimist Good to Give — Research has proven that giving has benefits that go far beyond the recipient. We’ve all felt the high that comes... read more
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DEBT-FREE FOR THE HOLIDAYS Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t make yourself wrong. You may have gotten in over your head and you started using credit cards to pay your rent or your mortgage.... read more