Directed by Marco Della Coletta and Zoe D'amaro. Dutch artist Ap Verheggen is determined to inspire people to respond to climate change in a creative and innovative way. Is the idea of building a... read more
Urban Traffic Jam
by Linnea Gregg / The Intelligent Optimist Greener Transport: Rush hour isn’t fun for anyone, and it’s even worse for the environment. Cars back up the highway, people crowd the metro, and the... read more
Directed by Morgan Spurlock. Jack Andraka, a high school sophomore, has developed a revolutionary new test for pancreatic cancer. The future of science is in the hands of our youth. 
A new approach to fuel the world. Directed by Rob Richert. In a story of perseverance through hardship, Dr David Mullin unites such seemingly disparate elements as Hurricane Katrina,... read more
Don't let it go to waste. Directed by Eugene Dyachkov and Ilya Belov. A group of students invented the "energy waste" recycling system. It produces free and eco-friendly electricity from light,... read more
It's not sci-fi anymore, it's real. Directed by Maris Curran. This short documentary looks at incredible advances in bionic technology that have enabled paraplegics to walk. 
Boot Print in the Sand
Most often, in life, it is beneficial to be ahead of schedule for things--better than the alternative, being late. Well, when it comes to annually using up our world's resources, the earlybird... read more
Impress your guests for less. Fabric petals, unscented glycerin soap and essential oil are all you need to make beautiful, expensive-looking accessories for your bathroom.
Tamara shows you how to make kale chips. By baking kale leaves with olive oil, you can make a delicious alternative to potato chips. And they're great for you!