City Line
When we share our yards, sidewalks, and other common spaces, we find a greater sense of belonging and connection to those around us. Biology is destiny, declared Sigmund Freud. But if Freud... read more
People Sitting at Table
When I think about bliss in terms of Community, it brings an immediate smile to my face. Spending time with my family and friends-- that’s bliss to me. This weekend I had the chance to spend time... read more
Rock House
Tami Balzanna is my boyfriend’s aunt, his dad’s sister and we met for the first time in April. She embraced me like she has known me my whole life. I was immediately drawn to her spirit, her... read more
Main Yelling into Horn
Life happens. Combined with a shrug, this innocuous three-syllable cliché always works when explaining why our pile on the backburner has grown to resemble the Leaning Tower of Pisa. At face... read more
Group of kids gardening
The first bus ride out to Chacraseca, Nicaragua startled everyone. As the wind blew, dust filled the bus. I looked around at my 20 high school volunteers as they started to cough and peer out the... read more
Social Welness Month
What exactly is social wellness? Social Wellness is nurturing yourself and your relationships. It is contributing to those you love on their path to a healthier life. Social Wellness Month is... read more
Bowls of crafts
I am thrilled to introduce you to Jocelyn Berry: the face behind Darlingd.ear Jewelry, coming soon to the evōx store! When I think about community and social wellness, Jocelyn is the perfect fit for... read more
It was about 100 degrees, and the engagement party was outside. We were irritable and had been in the car longer than we had anticipated. We were running late and I was being anxious and stressing... read more
People stanging on the beach
Recently, I have become more and more interested in the differences between men and women. I am not talking about our physical makeup, or even the roles we play in society. I am talking about the... read more