Many people drink alcohol, eat ice cream, and smoke cigarettes. All of these habits affect health negatively by reducing energy levels and taxing the body. What about these bad habits that die hard?

One way to rid yourself of a bad habit is by walking through—not away from—it by using a concept I call “Zen Cheating."

A female client once confessed to me that she preferred ice cream over sex. I explained Zen Cheating, and when I told her she could eat as much ice cream as she wanted, her eyes lit up with excitement!

“But,” I said, “you have to do it while sitting in front of a full length mirror, watching yourself eat every single bite.”

Her eyes glazed over at the enormity of this challenge, but she accepted it. The next week, she reported back that she’d used “Zen Cheating” to drastically reduce her consumption of ice cream and get on the treadmill. And she’d even started thinking about having actual sex!

Grab a full length mirror, the ice cream (or do whatever) and watch yourself eat every bite. Really get present and examine your face closely in the mirror as you do this. I promise you an enormously powerful impact.



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Named one of the “Top 5 Trainers in Los Angeles" by, Sam Page is the owner of Sam Page Fitness ( and the force behind He can quickly identify problem behaviors through motivational interviewing, and uses science, exercise physiology, and 10 years experience as a coach to produce red carpet results. 

A technology fanatic since his time at Apple, Sam was one of the first trainers to offer remote online guided training to people around the world using his app, PocketSAM. He continues to educate and inspire others with regular speaking engagements at wellness conferences across the country, and is a regular contributor to, Passport, DNA, HIV Plus, and The Advocate. Sam is certified in Executive Protection, CPR/AED, and First Aid, and is active in the Buddhist, LGBT, and SMART Recovery communities in LA. In his free time, Sam enjoys documentaries, playing flag football, and hanging with his Yorkie, Max. He is founder of Athletes for Humanity.

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