Clay sculpture of woman sitting and desk with computer.

Neck pain, back pain, slouched shoulders, and fatigue will all slowly and easily disappear with this supported backbend which really really is for everyone. And yes, that means you. Whether you have never tried yoga at all or are an expert yogi, these easy, supported poses are an addition to any regular or burgeoning practice. The elongation of the front of the torso, with support, counters the hunched over office/class/home spine crunch that contemporary living induces. Let full cleansing breath and increased circulation help your systems find balance and ease.

Entry-level poses for anyone to try:



Photo credit: Marcin Wichary via VisualHunt / CC BY

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Kiki Flynn is a Natural Lifestyle YouTuber, blogger, and podcaster. She has 33 years experience in natural and organic health and beauty as well as yoga. She works as a Wellness Coach/Consulant and Yoga Educator creating programs for thought leaders, rockstars, disability communities, and yoga teachers. Learn more about her on her website (, follow her blog, her YouTube Channel, and sign up for the Kiki Weekly here.

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