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by Mads Phikamphon | Icebike.org

There are many reasons why large businesses should have some degree of affection for cyclists. The benefits that they bring to the infrastructure are numerous indeed. However, a lot of cities just aren’t open to more cyclists.

This is sad, because cycling is a cheap, healthy, and safe way to get around in the city. In addition to this, staff are made far more efficient in their daily tasks.

Here are some of the main reasons why large companies should love cyclists.

1 – It’s an amazing group activity

All businesses have small events. The point of these is to improve the satisfaction of employees, and their productivity. Bike rides could actually be a great way to improve the social life of your employees. This can be a fun competition or a relaxing gathering. In addition to this, the cost of organizing and having an annual bike ride is far less than, say, an annual paintball tournament! Some companies like Google Inc. already have 7-seater bikes in Google HQ for a variety of uses.

2 – Sound of body…

It is a known fact that cycling is great for health. If your staff bikes to work every day, they would be far healthier. This means that they would work with more energy and therefore increase productivity. This will also mean less sick days, leading to some very happy bigwigs!

3 – …sound of mind

A study by the University of East Anglia in the UK, conducted with over 18,000 people, has shown that cyclists are far healthier mentally than other commuters. Biking is far more fun and relaxing than driving, leading to less incidence of depression. While walking is also a great way to get to and from work, cycling has the benefit of taking less time and delivering the same level of exercise, if not more, than walking.

4 – Creativity is maximized

Physical activity of any kind is very beneficial to the creative centers of your brain. Just 25 minutes of aerobic exercise (i.e. a bike ride) is a major creativity booster. Oxygen flow to the brain reaches its peak, allowing all you writers out there to get rid of the dreaded ‘writer’s block’.

5 – It is very profitable

Profits are the driving force behind any business. Cycling is a way for any business to maximize profits. In cities like Copenhagen, the local cycle market is booming with almost 300 bike shops in the city! If the city you are in chooses to introduce cycling more aggressively, it is going to be perfect. In addition to bikes, parts and accessory markets will also go on the rise. In cities today with nearly a million people, this is going to mean a huge influx of money for a long time and constantly refreshed market.

6 – No more tardy employees

There are so many cars now that there is constant traffic. This leads to a lot of latecomers to work in the morning. Cyclists have the advantage of being able to weave through most traffic jams. This means that a business with more employees who cycle is more likely to have a workforce that arrives on time every day.

7 – Parking is no longer an issue

An enormous problem with commerce and centers of business today is the lack of convenient parking. 6 bicycles could be parked in the space of one car. More people on bikes could mean about 6 times as much business every day! You have got to love these space-saving additions to the city streets.

8 – Customers are less thrifty because they have more

Transportation costs a lot in the present day. Huge sums are spent every day by families on just getting around. People who cycle all year end up saving all of this money. More money in their pockets means they will be more prepared to spend it on your business or product!

9 – No more lazy employees

There is a solution to sleepy employees other than lacing their morning coffee with cocaine. Get them to cycle! Any type of aerobic exercise is sure to flood their brains with oxygen and keep them energetic and productive throughout the day.

10 – It’s a great social activity

Cycling is perfect for improving social life because you can control how intense it is. It doesn’t always have to be a race to the top. It’s one way of getting exercise and hanging out without feeling like you are being worked out. Cycle lanes are, in fact, the golf course of today’s business leaders.

11 – Stress buster

According to one study, 82% of commuters who cycle report reduced stress. This leads to less anxiety and pressure, which allows for a more calculated approach to tasks, in addition to increased energy and a healthy mind.

12 – It’s green

Take a step into the modern revolution by going green with your employees. Promoting cycling among your staff will be taken as an amazing advertising opportunity aimed at your more environmentally friendly clientele.

13 – Road ninjas

The sound of traffic is so bad it is even a form of pollution. It can easily disrupt your peaceful work day. Cycling effectively cuts this noise, so that you get an efficient, clean city in which to do your daily business.

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