I love tulips and had the pleasure of driving from California to Mt Vernon, Washington with my husband to see the tulips bloom in April of this year. The tulip festival has attracted visitors from around the world for over 30 years. Tulips are very interesting and they have a very particular way in which they grow from bulbs and bloom into flowers that are harvested year after year. Although growers are committed to creating hybrids and improving the quantity and quality of the tulips, they still have to honor the basic design of the tulips life cycle.
All of this talk of tulips reminded me of money and our desire for peace of mind.
Just as tulips have a design that we honor, it would be interesting to explore how we designed a system where there are times that our peace of mind is directly related to our perception of our financial health. Said another way, “if I had the money then……”. 
When did money become the solution?
There was a time when we woke up excited about the day for no reason at all. We looked around to see what we had in our sandbox and we created our own fun. For hours. We taught to imaginary students, we won imaginary wars and we conversed with our real and imaginary friends. All was well. If we had a crisis in our world we created the solution, implemented it and went on with it. All before the sun went down.
Could we even imagine standing there with our hands on our hips saying we could solve our super hero’s problem if and when we had the right amount of money? Would we lose sleep? Would we stop the action? Would we stay in the holding pattern day after day, year after year waiting for the money? I don’t think so, too many opportunities to explore. When did money become the solution?
We all remember the day when we accepted being responsible. For many of us, shortly there after we realized that there was a gap between what we had and what we wanted. More money was the solution. We went after it like our peace of mind depended on it. We could take care of our kids, our parents, our spouses. We could experience the world. We could have the stuff that made us happy, until it didn’t.
Just like the tulip has a design so do we. Our peace of mind is not in our bank accounts. It is in the way we design our life. To take care of ourselves and our families. To bring balance to work and play. To create sustainable ways to manage our resources and our communities. To be grateful for what we have. To enjoy our sand box. Now that is peace of mind.

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Lynell Green is an Entrepreneur and business professional with over 25 years of business and real estate experience. After graduating from the University of Hawaii with a degree in Accounting, Lynell was part of the Audit team at Coopers & Lybrand and went on to take various financial positions in the entertainment sector. She has been involved in numerous entrepreneurial endeavors including owning Bread of Life Christian Bookstore, JC Enterprises and numerous real estate ventures.  She graduated from USC’s Ross Minority Real Estate Program where she found her passion for land use and how it impacts the lives of people.  She is the President of the Lynell Real Estate Group where the mission is to build, restore and sell real estate to create financial freedom for investors and improve the quality of life in the communities she works in.  She also teaches courses to improve financial literacy and to encourage people to pursue their dreams as a means to financial independence.

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