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There are all sorts of different diets out there that promise big results with particular eating habits. Take the Paleo diet to name one: It claims to have its origins in what we used to eat, thousands of years ago, and has gathered a wide following.

Many people get different eating plans confused with one another, and Paleo is no different. People often assume that Paleo and ketogenic diets are the same thing; while they do share similarities, in key ways they are very different.

For starters, both diets encourage you to pay attention to the origins of your meat, and choose grass-fed animal products whenever you can, as well as wild-caught seafood. Both allow nuts and seeds, as well as fats that haven’t been heavily processed. After that is where the differences start. What do ketogenic (known as keto) and Paleo both encourage for their admirers? This graphic explains it.

What’s the Difference Between a Ketogenic Diet and a Paleo Diet?

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