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When you’re in a rush (which is all the time, right?) you might forget some important items to pack in your gym bag. Follow this list and you’ll be all set for a worry-free workout with all the right gym essentials - whether they’re a sample pair of comfortable sneakers or a spa towel.

Sneakers, Of Course

This seems like a no-brainer, but forgetting your sneakers does happen. You can’t work out without the right footwear. So, make sure your sneakers are the first thing you pack in your bag. And don’t forget your socks. No one wants stinky, sweaty feet – sans socks – during a workout. You’ll also save money by not having to buy an overpriced pair at the gym when you forget them.

Gym Clothes

You’d look funny running on the treadmill in slacks and a button-down shirt. Sweat stains. Cringe. After your sneakers go in the bag, so should your workout wear. Remember your moisture-wicking sports bra, tank or T-shirt, and pants.

Deodorant - Say “Bye-Bye, B.O.”

The last thing you want is to smell bad as you kick your workout routine’s butt. Keep a bottle of deodorant so you can swipe it under your arms when it’s needed. There are plenty of options available to meet your needs. 


Running on the treadmill with nothing to listen to but the sound on the sneakers hitting the spinning belt can be pretty boring. Load up your iPhone, iPod, or MP3 player with some motivating music, and make sure to put a quality pair of headphones – like Apple buds or Beats over-ear options, in your bag. There are plenty of benefits to playing music while exercising that it would be a shame to forget this essential item.

Reusable Water Bottle.

Not only are reusable water bottles better than single-use plastics for the environment (If you haven’t gone green yet, get going!) but they keep you hydrated during a workout. Throw one in your bag and fill it up when you get to the gym.

Sweat Towel

Well, you can bring a towel for the shower, if you want, depending on the amenities at your club, but you should definitely pack a small towel in your bag to use to clean off the equipment after you use it. You won’t want to see sweat stains on a bench press station you were going to use, so don’t leave them there for someone else.


Bounce back after a workout by packing a high-protein snack to eat after you burn all those calories. Protein bars are easy to pack and quick to consume. Fats from nuts and carbs from fruits also give your body a boost with the right nutrients post-workout.

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