Woman lying on ground covered in purple flowers.

Have you ever felt your erotic energy surge while you are in Nature? 

Or do you feel more connected to the rhythms, flows, and desires of your body when you are in your garden, at the beach, or on a hike?

Eros is the motivating force for all Life on Earth. It moves through every living creature from the lichens that adorn mighty trees to the grand trees themselves. Eros, or erotic energy, provides the generative, creative force that inspires the acorn to become the Oak, and the mother wolf to fiercely defend her cubs. Erotic energy is what moves through humans igniting desire, creativity, and passion, and connects us to our own bodies and desires, to one another, and to Life itself.

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So it’s not surprising that many feel more connected to their creative and sexual desires when they are immersed in close contact with the natural world.  This is part of the reason why walking in the park, spending time in the garden, or retreating to the forest is so deeply revitalizing.

When you spend time close to nature, you are reconnecting your vital energy with it’s very source and feeling the beauty and power of being fully alive!

Erotic energy, like Life itself, is constantly cycling and moving fluidly through the body’s ecosystem. Erotic energy is the body’s renewable energy. We can share it in abundance and then easily replenish it.

And isn’t it about time we start sharing the abundance we have with the Earth itself? Nature inspires and revitalizes our erotic energy, what happens when we use our erotic energy to revitalize the Earth?

Many subcultures are seeking ways to reduce our environmental footprint; we are seeking ways to transition to a renewable energy economy. What if we use our erotic energy to inspire the transition to a more Earth-based economy? A gift-based economy? An economy that respects the body and all Life?

Moving toward a lifestyle of greater respect and connection with Life and the Earth means moving toward a lifestyle that is handcrafted in collaboration with the soil and the sun, with whole ecosystems and human communities. It means a closer relationship with our food and the living systems that provide us with sustenance. Doing this well takes time and energy. So how do we fuel this transition? How do we motivate it?

The ecosexual movement offers a simple and profound answer.

It invites us back into our bodies to enjoy some of the abundant pleasures that Nature has granted us – erotic and orgasmic connection – as a path to create a more sustainable culture. We can draw on erotic energy to empower, excite, and motivate ourselves and others to make the lifestyle shifts so deeply needed at this time. And at the dawn of a new day, when we immerse ourselves in the garden, in the forest, or in the ocean, we can revitalize our connection with the very source of our erotic energy – Lover Earth.

By Lindsay Hagamen

Lindsay Hagamen is dedicating her life to creating a culture where we can live freely and love fully as we tend to and care for our only home, this Earth. Lindsay is the Executive Director of the Windward Education Center, co-editor of the book Ecosexuality: When Nature Inspires the Arts of Love, and co-creator of the annual EcoSex Convergence. She enjoys immersing her hands in rich garden soil, giving belly rubs to her pigs, and being a lover of the Wild.

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