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Stress and anxiety are rampant in modern society, especially among young people. Fortunately, technology has proven to be a powerful tool to use to combat it. The following are some of the key ways technology can be used to fight and reduce stress and anxiety.

Digital Therapy Sessions

For many people, going to a traditional therapist is not an option. Either they are embarrassed, they can't afford it, or there is some other reason they are reluctant to go. There are a number of websites and other digital services that offer online therapy as an alternative. Digital therapy sessions have gained in popularity because of their relative anonymity and reduced cost. There are also emergency hotlines users can contact if they are considering suicide, experiencing panic attacks, or need emergency help for dealing with anxiety and stress.

Home Security

Home security is a huge concern for many Americans. People understandably want to feel safe and secure in their own home and technology has made this much easier. There are now technologies that are affordable and effective for every lifestyle. One of the simplest yet most effective security products is a doorbell camera. Being able to see and record who is at your door before opening or when you are not home will significantly reduce the anxiety that you or even your kids may have. This makes it much easier to relax while at home and can drastically reduce your stress as well.


Another common piece of technology that can be very helpful for people with mental health conditions like extreme anxiety is mobile apps for tablets and smartphones. Quite a few apps use scientifically-backed therapy methods to reduce anxiety and stress for very little money or even free. Others are simply designed to help you meditate, de-stress, relax, and track your progress.


The Internet has allowed just about anyone to access a breadth of information about how to manage stress and anxiety. It can help those affected find qualified medical professionals, learn about their conditions, and get support from others who struggle with mental illness. By understanding what they are dealing with and learning positive coping mechanisms, people are much better equipped to manage their stress and anxiety than ever before.

Artificial Intelligence Assistants

Artificial intelligence assistants, such as Siri and Alexa, can help reduce stress and anxiety by keeping the various parts of your life organized. These assistants allow you to be more productive because you can do other things while using vocal commands. Feeling more productive can help relieve stress. AI and smart technology will only improve in the coming years, so no one can predict what it will be able to do to help reduce stress and anxiety in the future.


Video gaming technology has come a long way in the last thirty years. Aside from being a source of pure entertainment, it can also serve as a powerful tool for combating stress and anxiety. Video games allow millions of people worldwide to unwind, play with their friends and have fun. Some scientific studies have backed this up. Sometimes taking your anger and stress out on a game can be the smart move.

Technology undoubtedly has some very good uses for reducing stress and anxiety. Time will only tell what it will be able to do as it grows in use, changes, and develops. Anyone struggling with stress and anxiety should strongly consider the easy access of utilizing technology as part of their management strategy.

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