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Getting to sit down at home at the tail end of a long week and know that you have done everything that you can to be as productive as possible makes you feel really, really good. You feel more relaxed and your conscience is less heavy because you can rest in the fact that you were super productive. It sounds like a fantastic situation, but it does take some leg work for anyone to reach this point. Being productive, no matter what your life looks like, can help you feel more ready to rest and feel more encouraged to start again right back at it when your next week starts. One way to do this is to set a schedule for yourself and then to try your best to follow that schedule. Here are some tips that might help you set a schedule so that you can have more productive weeks.

Plan Your Grocery Trips

One mark of a productive weekly schedule is a designated time each week for grocery shopping. This means that you sift through all of your weekly responsibilities and figure out when your household tends to run out of food each week and plan to take your trip that day. This also includes a lot of grocery-related planning each week prior to your trip. If you are looking to tighten up your grocery budget, then maybe you look into meal preparation techniques and plan out most or all of your household's meals each week. This gives you a strict grocery list to stick to once you are there, which takes down lost time and money! You should also consider using reusable burlap bags during your trips to be more environmentally friendly and to cut down on the time it takes to get rid of all the plastic or paper grocery store bags each week. Now, you just unload the groceries and put your sacks up wherever you keep them all week.

Exercise In the Morning

Many people find that when they set a chunk of time early each morning before they start their workday to exercise, they feel more empowered, strong, and productive throughout the rest of their day. This also has plenty of health benefits to it! Whether or not you regularly exercise, you should definitely consider adding at least a thirty-minute block each morning on your weekly schedule that involves some sort of movement that makes you feel strong and ready to take on whatever challenges the day throws at you.

Learn About Meal Prep

Meal prep is a term used to describe something a lot of productive people do. They pick a day where they do not have a lot going on and use that time to make their breakfasts, lunches, dinners, or some combination of the three on that day and put the meals in the fridge. Then, when they decide to eat during the week, their meals are ready to eat without any fuss. This allows them to spend more time during the week doing other important things because their meals have already been made.

Take Away Distractions

Another common thread among people with productive schedules is that they schedule in time for welcome distractions. Welcome distractions look different for everyone, but they might include video gaming, watching television, or perusing social media. These things can be fun and worth indulging in, but they can also be unproductive time suckers. They are also often really addictive behaviors, so it typically does not work for people to kick them as a habit, but instead to pencil in some time in their week to indulge.

Living a more productive life does not just happen overnight. In fact, it takes a lot of trial and error over time for each person to find out what type of schedule works out best for them. If you want to start being more productive on a weekly basis, trying out a set schedule can certainly guide you in the right direction.

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