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One of the biggest consumer industries in the world, there is no denying the fashion industry is negatively impacting our planet.

Experts estimate that the fashion industry is to blame for about 10% of all global CO2 emissions. Thankfully consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious and as a result, the sustainable fashion industry is on the rise. Green fashion aims to tackle sustainability issues in the industry, by taking into account the planet when considering buying or producing clothes. In this article, we will discuss some green fashion trends you can follow, in order to make your wardrobe more eco-friendly, while still remaining chic and stylish. 

Buy Sustainable Fabrics

Cotton is the most common plant used in clothes production. However, due to the high volume of water cotton requires to grow, it is a highly unsustainable material to produce. Fortunately, there are alternative materials to cotton that are much more sustainable! One example is hemp, which requires very little water to grow. Hemp comes from the stem of cannabis plants, and the fibers are strong making it a great material for clothing. Every environmentally conscious fashionista will have hemp items in their wardrobe

Thrift At Vintage Clothing Markets.

In recent years, those looking for a showstopping outfit know that vintage fashion has made a comeback, and so have vintage clothing markets. Not only are vintage markets a more sustainable way of shopping, by giving life to pre-loved clothes, but they are also an exciting way to shop due to the thrill of the hunt. You may get your hands on a designer item at an amazing price. Or find a one of a kind item that will make you stand out in the crowd. 

Durability Over Price 

We live in a world of fast fashion. Thanks to the pressure of social media, now more than ever, people are reluctant to wear the same clothes more than once. However, we are consuming resources at 1.6 times the planet's capacity, and cannot afford to be this wasteful. To achieve a more green fashion routine, we must start to value durability over price. Add some timeless staples to your wardrobe, and remember accessorizing is your best friend. Adding a new belt, jewelry or a scarf to your look is a simple and effective way to spice up an old outfit. 

Shop Sustainable Fashion Brands

In this day and age, there are many green fashion brands that exist. Brands shifting to greener choices are diverse in many ways and suit every style and every budget. Now and in the future, shopping sustainably while still looking stylish is a feat that anyone can achieve.  

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