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Have you ever wondered why time management doesn’t stick? 

You know what I mean… You try this course, read that book, get this app, make lists, use the calendar (digital or paper), schedule, prioritize – and still feel frustrated, overwhelmed and have no time!

Why is that?

I have a theory. I think most books, courses, and systems are working on the pieces of the puzzle. 

But they are only working on the 10% of that iceberg that is above the water line!

And the 90% of the issue that is below the surface is exactly why the pieces don’t seem to fit together, no matter what you do.

We have all had the experience of committing to something – scheduling the time to take care of it – and then completely ignoring our plan. We forget. We get busy with something else. Some emergency is way more pressing in the moment. Our alarm didn’t go off. We got distracted online. Our errands ran long. The phone rang. The kids got sick. We got sick. It rained. The dog ate a sock. Blah, blah, blah.

And then we feel bad. We wonder what is wrong with us that we can’t get a simple task done. We can’t follow a simple plan. We can’t stick to a schedule.

So we stop trying. We decide that ‘it just doesn’t work for us.’

What if it isn’t us? What if it isn’t even the system or structure we are using?

Clearly, there is something else at play here. Some other unexamined commitment is in control of our time and our actions. And until we distinguish what that competing commitment is, whatever we try will have limited impact.

Something to think about: You can’t manage time anyway. If you can, go ahead, manage the next minute and tell me how it goes.

So, if you can’t manage time – what can you manage?

You can manage your energy, and you can manage your actions. And that’s where the next post will start!

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About The Author

Terry Monaghan's picture

Terry is the CEO of Time Triage

With over 30 years of business and entrepreneurial experience, Terry’s unique technology has dramatically increased the productivity of Fortune 100 executives and entrepreneurs in a variety of industries. Whether it’s a corporate executive or a “solo-preneur,” the outcome of Terry’s methodology will give you an expanded level of freedom and productivity with results you can measure.

Terry’s clients find themselves working on what is most fulfilling and what really matters in moving things forward rather than what they previously thought they “had to do.” The things you hoped to get to someday become the things you work on today.

Terry’s work was recently featured in the New York Times best-seller Overwhelmed: Work, Love and Play When No One Has The Time by Brigid Schulte (Sarah Crichton Books, March 11, 2014).

Eliminating overwhelm, giving clients more time to focus and clarity about where to focus, and implementing what it takes to produce results beyond what is predictable are what Terry’s efforts are all about. Her high integrity, no-nonsense, practical approach to business operations has helped build trusted relationships with many high performing professionals, entrepreneurs, and executives.

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