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A study conducted by Southern Cross University found that 77% of Americans want to learn to live more sustainably. It's important for individuals to take responsibility, and even small changes can make a difference. When it comes to sourcing your wedding clothing and jewelry, you don’t have to opt for brand new. Buying vintage or second-hand is far more sustainable than having a dress custom-made. You can also look to source jewelry made from recycled materials. Your wedding doesn’t have to harm the planet: making sustainable choices can be a positive part of your big day. 

Buy a second-hand dress

Fashion brand Lyst has reported a 93% increase in searches for second-hand wedding dresses. If you’re looking to have a truly sustainable wedding, then rather than spending a lot of money on a brand new dress that you’re likely to only wear once, look to get a second-hand “pre-loved” dress. Research done by Elle magazine found that 48% of people would be happy to wear a second-hand wedding dress. Another option is to wear a dress that previously belonged to a family member or a friend. You can always have a dress altered, or make your own personal touches, adding embellishments or changing the hemline. A second-hand or vintage dress is far more sustainable than buying new. 

Sustainable wedding rings

Although there is such a thing as “ethical mining,” where gold is sourced from small-scale mining companies, mineral extraction will never be truly sustainable. You can, however, choose wedding rings made from recycled metal, or even use rings that have been inherited from a family member. You could also have an existing piece of jewelry repurposed. Alternatively, silicone wedding rings are durable, hardwearing, and come in a wide range of colors, textures, and designs. Even better, silicone is easily recyclable, so you can make sure that the silicone used for your wedding ring comes from a recycled source. 

Something borrowed

The traditional saying goes: “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in your shoe.” These are the items that are said to bring good luck at a wedding. Rather than buying new, ask the members of your wedding party if they have a suitable item to be your something borrowed, old or blue. Items on your wedding list may include hats, hair accessories, shoes, a bolero jacket, or a stole for when the evening gets cooler. You could borrow your grandmother’s clutch, or your mother’s veil - this will give your wedding a really personal touch. Many brides and grooms ask someone close to them if they can borrow a sentimental piece of jewelry that they wore on their own wedding day. 

What you wear on your wedding day matters, but you can easily source your big day outfit without harming the planet. Look for recycled materials, shop second-hand, and borrow some wonderful items from friends and family. 

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