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Building up a library is always a task that is crucial for anyone who likes to read; even if you are not an incredibly voracious reader, you might find the idea of having a library appealing. There is a lot to consider if you want your library to stand out above everyone else’s. The first matter of business is determining whether you want a noticeable library because of the bookshelves themselves or their content. Once you settle this, where do you want to put it? 

Find your perfect bookshelves, look for the books

This question can vary; you may want it right alongside your workstation, by the window, in the living room, or maybe what you desire is a library room. Adding extra space can be thought of as a too complicated process. Still, home additions can be made easier if you give some thinking or outsource a company to do it for you.

No one is going to compliment your library if your home additions consist of going to IKEA and buying the first bookshelves you find. You can follow a series of different paths to find a bookshelf that you can be proud of calling your own. You can request a carpenter to design and build you a custom library, with the specific measurements of your walls, amount of shelves, their height, and disposition. You can also resort to a deconstructed bookshelf; this is putting planks or attaching your books at different sizes and places and giving your house, and a vanguard look. Some bookshelves are shaped in spirals, triangles, and even snowflake shapes! You can also have fun with materials; choosing different woods or even glass is an excellent way to funk up your library game. 

Once you have your ideal bookshelf, you need to find the types of books if you want your selection to be literature, non-fiction, self-help, cookbooks, etc. It is also essential to get your books in a particular manner, size, subject, length, color. Any way you find amusing is perfectly valid. Still, remember to bring some sort of logic to the process because otherwise, you’ll find it hard to get a particular book when you need it. Lastly, you may want to buy some rare editions or books with an enjoyable art cover to decorate the front row of books in each compartment.


You can ditch regular bookshelves entirely. Suppose you are making a dedicated library room. In that case, you could even create dividers inside the wall in which to put the books. Another idea that has been in certain book fairs is to hang the book from their spine. This Idea can be particularly fun if you plan to get teenagers or kids into reading since they will look somewhat like flying seagulls. You can set your books up in a manner that, when looked at from a distance, they’re able to compose an image. Or make a bookshelf that appears to be a more important book, in which the books inside act as pages. Have fun, and if you didn’t care in the first place, your books would be lying around the floor and not in a thought-provoking library. Don’t just settle for a classic grandma library; let it be an extension of your personality.

A library means more than putting something in it

In conclusion, have fun with it; there isn’t such a thing as an incorrect library. Any way, shape, or form in which you organize and store your books would be good enough if you are satisfied. Still, if you want to take it seriously and bring something new to the table, make sure to ask yourself first: "What do I want to feel proud of about my library; what do I want people to say about it?" and go from that point. Pick a shape, material, and color. Pick an organization scheme. Then go crazy with it, make it thematic or genre-related, use lights within your bookshelf, or anything else you crave. Remember to keep practicality and the types of books you’ll be storing in it. Lastly, make sure that this library, whether it is conformed to bookshelves or not, keeps an eye against—an enemy to any pages.

Lena Linetti is an interior designer. She is young and ambitious, with a degree in architecture. She has eight-plus years of experience in interior and exterior design. Her mission is to inspire others to live their dreams and create their perfect sweet home. Lena puts a big effort into working with her clients and tries to help them in the best way she can.

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