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Have you considered that before you even arrive at work, how you feel about work has already been determined? Our brain is the organ of personality, character, intelligence, and every decision we make. When our brains work right, we work right and when our brain is troubled, we are most likely to have trouble in our lives.

Thoughts trigger the human stress response and keep it going.

Thoughts repeated in habits and patterns create neuro-pathways that “carry” our thoughts to the body.

They create a finely tuned distribution system that have us delivering responses to thoughts. These thoughts, under stress, turn on fight-or-flight responses that can become automatic and persistent. Literally, we can wake up each morning and be in fight-or-flight response before we even have a choice about it, because it is where our brain says we are used to going. Day after day, we work under stress and subject our bodies to conditions of anticipation of some future event. We keep revisiting this stress response until it becomes “normalized.” We begin to accept that feeling stressed is “how we are.”

Why is this not good?

Continuing to mobilize our stress response means that we are expending an enormous amount of energy toward issues in our external environment, making it less likely that there will be energy for our body’s internal environment. We suddenly find ourselves “stuck and exhausted” or “coasting.” We can’t find the energy for growth and repair. Immune related diseases like colds, cancer, and arthritis can and will surface in these conditions.

So, here are some awareness ideas to help:

  1. Stop living as someone you hope to be and begin to live as the spiritual self that you are.
  2. If your thoughts can make you sick, they also can make you well. Practice thinking good, healthy thoughts.
  3. Stop just surviving work. Create work. You can create new neuro-pathways by creating new thoughts about work by shifting from Survival and limited possibilities to Creation and all possibilities.
  4. Find time to stop and observe. The answer is simple. Meditation. Decide to stop being the old you or the future you and just be you. Sit quietly each day and just be you. Cultivate your self.

Stayed tuned for more ideas about how to turn small steps into easy habits of living a less stressful, more peaceful, and energized life.

Doug Pinto, Co-Founder Sacred Sleep

Emotional Wellness Practitioner – Ontological Coach

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