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You’ve been being used….for years.

You know that gift you suddenly bought for that person you barely know? Or, those gifts you bought for your co-workers because of some sense of personal obligation? Or, that extra crap you bought on those $1 aisles strategically placed directly when you enter your local Target? ALL OF IT has an impact on YOUR world…the world we live in and your ability to financially thrive in this world.

The holiday hammering started several months ago.  Mainly, you and I were asleep when it happened. Further, it happens day after day and year after year with increasing velocity and strategy.

This year, my local 7-Eleven had Christmas lights set-up all around their parking lot BEFORE Halloween. Aaarrghh…I know I’m not the only one here who is annoyed by all of this pretense for celebration. I do, however, know an increasing number of us are waking up and seeing this barrage for what it is.

In order to stay true to your self and your own values, you are going to have to first deal with the fact that you and I have been somewhat, if not fully, complicit with the world we now live in and the impact it now has on our lives and livelihood.

I don’t want to sound like Ebenezer Scrooge here, but it’s not too late to return those gifts you bought to make yourself feel more likeable and generous to people who have barely played any role in your life.  You could return those gifts, and put that money towards your credit card debt or put it into savings,  or give to your local charity who serves your community.  One-Third of all Americans have no savings….period!

Right now, you could help break the pattern of debt for yourself, your family and families across this country if you wake-up right now.  According, the average American household has nearly $15,950 in credit-card debt (in 2012).  That’s the AVERAGE!  We have literally created a culture of people who are servants to debt…who worry about debt.

The big, big push is happening NOW. Wake-up….be conscious…make choices that make YOU feel good about yourself. Keep the BIG PICTURE in mind and remember the impact all of your buying choices have on real lives and our real planet.

For some ideas and inspiration on being Debt-Free, see our “Debt-Free for the Holidays” series of articles from evox Blogger, Lynell Green and let us know how the evoxTeam can support you in living an extraordinary life!

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