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Waking Up with Awareness

One of the best techniques to help bring mindfulness to everyday living is to start your day with it.

Many of us have a rushed morning routine and do not pause to be present until later in the day.

This exercise can help you start off your day with a mindful moment, bolstering your practice in the coming hours.

When you wake up, take a moment to pause before you get up.

If you use an alarm clock, try attaching a sticky note to it to remind yourself.

Lying in bed, tune in to the body.

Feel the body resting, and notice how it feels to begin moving and stretching.

Bring your awareness to the breath.

Taking a few deep breaths, recognize that you woke up and are breathing this morning.

As you get up and begin your day, try to retain some awareness.

Routines make it easy to fall into autopilot.

Notice when you lose your presence, and come back to mindfulness.

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