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Hi Evox Community,

So, how did your list making go ? Did it provide a space to access what works and what, maybe not so much? Well, I hope it was a great starting point...and now we are going to look at our environments, where we live, work, and play.

Who's up for a little Spring cleaning?

A Spring Clean is a great way to unload some of that (un)wanted stuff that we have accumulated all Winter. A jumping off place where I start with is the kind of refreshing job of going around my home and noticing what I haven't used in a year or more and making a note or, a pile. This works great for that junk drawer, garage, basement, or that dreaded closet. I myself just recently took this one on (the closet).

It's amazing what comes up and the emotional attachment that we place on material things. It's not easy letting things go, but if you work through it, it frees up so much space, both physically and mentally. This is the time to get rid of those old clothes and shoes, you know the ones you just don't wear or fit in comfortably, yet you are emotionally attached to them, for whatever reason. 

BYE BYE!! — and remember to recycle what you can, someone would love what you no longer find useful. Take a hint from nature during this season and start anew.  A Clean Slate.  

...make cleaning out your pantry part of this Spring Clean

Once the big, bulky stuff is out of the way, we can get down to cleaning. Our objective here is to clean everything up, including toxins we breath and come in contact with. Let's start with filters — when was the last time you changed your heating and air filters or, better yet, the one in your vacuum? Depending on the weather where you live, open up your windows today (or as soon as conditions permit). Air your home out as often as possible — year-round. Fresh air genuinely does you good!

Speaking of fresh air, are you spraying chemicals all over your house every time you clean it?  What's in the products you are using, do you know???  There are some great natural products out there on the market or you can make your own. The main ingredients you would need are; white vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol (rubbing), Castile soap, and essential oils. Recipes can be found on line, easy enough, and you can cater them to your preferences for scent and strength.

Lastly, let's talk about food and your pantry.  In doing a cleanse, you naturally want to eat as cleanly as possible. That means clean, organic, whole foods as much as possible. For me, that means things that don't come with labels on them, focusing instead on things that are plants and not just from plants. Processed foods are usually a big no no, unless there are only a few ingredients listed and you can pronounce them and know what they are! 

You can make cleaning out your pantry part of this Spring Clean. No one is keeping score, so you determine how long you want to maintain this: a week, a month, forever, that's up to you.

Stay tuned for the next blog, we will take on the Elimination Diet
Until next time, take great care,

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