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Insomnia is a sleeping disorder affecting the sleep patterns of so many of us. Your condition can be acute (short-term) or chronic (long-term), and in some cases, it will just come and go. Acute insomnia can remain from one night to some weeks, while chronic insomnia can last a minimum of weeks to three months or more. 

You might be bothered by two types of insomnia, primary and secondary. Primary insomnia means that your sleep problem has no connection to any other health condition or situation. On the other hand, secondary insomnia implies lack of sleep due to different health conditions like asthma, depression, arthritis, cancer, pain, medication, or substance use like alcohol.

Mental health issues like anxiety or depression and some medications for cold, allergies, and high blood pressure can contribute to secondary insomnia. Other factors like caffeine, tobacco, or alcohol can also initiate a bout of insomnia. 

If you are suffering from either of these two insomnias, and looking for natural ways to back to regular sleep, here are some remedies.

Cut Back on Caffeine

The first remedy may, depending on your daily habits, be a little painful, but you can do this with the proper support. Many chronically sleep-deprived patients typically reach for caffeine and other medications to help with the afternoon energy slump. Caffeine, however, interferes with the ability to get good quality sleep at night. 

It becomes a self-perpetuating spiteful cycle, decreasing the odds of getting a good night’s sleep and adding an extra layer of frustration. Therefore, limiting your caffeine intake per day will do you good. You can also switch to decaf coffee or tea, or transition to water later during the day as it gets closer to bed time.

If you want to calm down your cravings at night, use premium quality auto-flower seeds. These cannabis seeds made from a particular strain ruderalis start to flower after a specific development. The CBD element in them can help you feel fresh, calm with a clear head, eventually helping you break the caffeine cycle and fall asleep. 

Aromatherapy Is Helpful

In the past, studies have proven that aromatherapy assists in sleeping. It is mainly lavender aromatherapy oil that has been used as a folk remedy to help people fall asleep. It is the most soothing essential oil. Try putting a lavender sachet under the pillow or a small piece of cloth with one or two drops of lavender oil, or you can also set a few drops in the water during pre-bedtime bathing. The decrease in body temperature after your bath has the added value of helping you feel refreshed, calm down, and sleep easily.

Check Your Diet

Sometimes what you eat can also be a cause of not being able to sleep properly at night. Therefore, it is essential to keep a balanced diet. After all, you are what you eat. Below are a few tips that you should follow to get a good sleep.

  • Limit Sugar Intake

Even though sugar can give a burst of energy, the energy is short-lived because of uneven blood sugar levels. If the sugar level falls in the middle of the night, it can lead to sleep disturbances.

  • Consult a Nutritionist

You can ask them to create a list of food items that can help you to sleep peacefully. For example, if you eat healthy carbohydrate snacks such as whole-grain crackers before bedtime, it will make you sleepy. You can also include foods full of vitamin B6, which means you can have wheat germ, sunflower seeds, and bananas.

  • Add Food Rich in Magnesium.

Magnesium is a natural sedative, and it is very effective in curing insomnia. If a person is magnesium-deficient, it will lead to difficulty sleeping, constipation, muscle tremors, etc.

Sip on Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is a herb used to reduce muscle tension, soothe digestion, and reduce anxiety. If you have chronic insomnia, then drinking chamomile tea can usually help.

A cup of hot chamomile tea after dinner can help you relax tensed muscles. It has an antioxidant named apigenin that acts as the sleeping inducer. Apigenin reduces stress and anxiety and enables you to fall asleep after reacting with the brain receptors. But refrain from over drinking it as that can lead to allergies and conjunctivitis in some people. 

Try to Create a Good Sleeping Environment

There are many ways to make the bedroom more restful; you can blackout all the curtains and use an eye mask. You can also keep the room at your ideal temperature, giving your body a feeling of relaxation, and it will loosen up all the tight and tense muscles. Lastly, you can also consider the bedroom a sanctuary for sleep and remove all the distractions like television.


Exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes a day, five times a week

Studies have proven that simple physical activity and walking every day can help you cope with your insomnia. Many patients follow different combinations of daily exercises. Creating a ritual around going to sleep can be a very successful first step in improving the quality and quantity of sleep. Workouts help your body use pent-up energy. Once the body has used up all of its energy, it will only demand sleep and rest. 

Opt for Light Therapy

Light therapy has become a part of sleeping treatment plans. Light exposure plays a significant role in telling the body when to sleep and when to wake up. A walk outside after you wake up will be perfect for getting more benefits from natural, passive light therapy. 

For a more active answer, all you need to do is sit for a fixed time every day in front of a lightbox with an intensity of 10000 sq. lux. Make sure the light falls indirectly into the eyes. Options include desk lamps, floor lamps, visors for wearing, alarm clocks, and table lamps. 

Final Note

Typically, these remedies will help you sleep like a baby if you use them correctly and follow your intuition. Insomnia is a widespread disorder, and it has very simple and easy to catch symptoms like fatigue and irritability. Thus, follow these seven natural ways and get rid of insomnia in no time!

Rebecca R.  is a thorough and meticulous Content Analyst. She commits herself to continuous learning and focuses on sharing ideas and techniques learned from her experiences. She is a passionate writer who loves writing about health and wellness.

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