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Age is an essential factor for every individual in terms of brain capacity and memory. The facts are well established that the human brain gets weaker with age. It is prone to lose memory, thinking power, and reasoning power as we grow older. It is inevitable. You might be worried about your own changes or the memory losses of your relatives. If so, here we provide some good options to boost brain functions.

When does memory start declining in an adult?

According to the latest scientific researchers and surveys, an adult starts losing brain efficiency from the age of 45 onward. The symptoms of memory loss and dementia can start appearing from this age. Gradually, a person may lose reasoning capacity, logical perceptions, and memory with time. The symptoms tend to show up in a severe form after the age of 65. After 65, the previously mild symptoms may decline more rapidly and turn into more severe issues.

Therefore, regardless of whether you or your loved ones are pre-disposed, this is an age to be very focused regarding brain functions and capacities. Many of these issues and symptoms get lumped under a single medical term - dementia. So, let's discuss how to prevent dementia.

What are some early signs and symptoms?

Dementia is a serious condition and can be threatening if left untreated. However, the disease is not easy to diagnose at an early stage. Most patients with dementia get diagnosed after the disease steps into a critical stage. But the latest medical journals and research papers are saying something different. These journals have clearly stated the early signs of dementia.

  • The patient might become unable to perform regular activities. Regular life activities will turn out to be difficult for the patient.
  • At times, he/she might lose track of time. Such a patient is likely to be unable to differentiate different parts of a day. Moreover, the patient might forget where he/she is and why.
  • Memory loss may appear in serious form. The person will completely forget about schedules and things. Sometime, he/she might not be able to recognize their own identity.
  • Planning something will become next to impossible for a person with dementia. Solving everyday problems will become harder than before for the patient.
  • He or she might frequently fumble while talking and might forget what to say. Writing will also become troublesome for a dementia patient. At this point, proper dementia care is essential.
  • A drastic change in personality may occur at the early stage of dementia. The patient will lose the ability of judgment entirely. He or she will try to get isolated and to avoid regular socialization.

What are the different stages of dementia?

There are three main stages of dementia that patients usually go through. Those three phases are- early, middle, and late-stage accordingly. At this stage of research and treatment, we know that once a patient is diagnosed with dementia, the disease will almost definitely progress to the next stage with time.

Of course, it is advisable to have a proper diagnosis before the disease steps into the late stage. The symptoms and effects can be prevented or postponed up to some extent if the disease is diagnosed earlier.

What are some ways to prevent the severe effects of the disease?

Handling a patient with dementia often becomes very difficult and tiring for family members or caregivers. Such patients can lose control episodically or entirely with the progression of the disease. That makes the situation more critical for the surrounding people. Some organizations offer Alzheimer's care or memory care facilities for seniors and senior assisted living homes and facilities. But many families don't prefer or can't afford these kinds of organizations.

Regardless of living circumstances, specialist doctors recommend some brain boosters to such patients. Those brain-boosting techniques have benefited a large number of dementia patients all over the world. Here, we unfold some of those efficient brain boosters that are good for dementia patients.

Moderate exercises and physical activities

Lack of physical movements will worsen the condition of patients with dementia. Therefore, mild to moderate physical activities will be very effective in lessening the impact of the disease. If you have such kind of patient in your house, encourage him/her to go for a walk for half an hour once a day. Memory care facilities in California and other warm clients frequently take advantage of outdoor activities in a controlled environment to slow their patients’ mental decline. Other free-hand exercises and yoga poses are also very beneficial.

Diet makes the difference

A proper diet will improve brain health for sure. Mainly, brain diseases like dementia get more complicated due to improper diet. Therefore, have the patient shift to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Instead of oily and spicy foods, more vegetables and natural proteins will be good for the patient, for so many reasons. Besides, proper sleep habits are also ideal to improve the condition.

Mental exercise

Apart from physical activities, mental exercises are also necessities for dementia patients. These patients should try to practice meditation regularly. Playing memory games with family members will be a good option as well.

Stress has a terrible impact on mental conditions like dementia. A dementia-patient should cut off extreme stress and look for comprehensive treatment for other mental issues like depression and anxiety. Thus, socialization is a decidedly ideal remedy to the condition of such a patient.

If anyone in your family or friend-circle is experiencing dementia, some of these at-home steps and good care can put off needing dementia care at a facility for as long as possible. Keep these instructions in mind and act according to the situation—getting a jump on creating healthy habits is always a plus.

by Holly Klamer

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