Several multi-colored plastic bowls stacked in a row.

Look around your house 

What materials do you see? You probably have some wood and fabric, and perhaps some metal. But what you also likely have a lot of—more than you might realize—is plastic. Plastic is everywhere. It helps to make up the remote that changes the channel on the TV and the microwave that pops your movie popcorn. And when it comes to the kitchen, there’s probably more plastic than you like.

As revolutionary a product as plastic is, it also has been found to hold more potential for harm that was originally thought. Plastic can leach out chemicals, and those chemicals have been found to be harmful to several body processes, including reproductive health.

But plastic doesn’t have to be a given. It’s hard to get rid of completely, but it’s not hard to reduce—especially in that most used of places, your kitchen.  Want to learn how? This graphic can help.

Purge the plastic: How to free your kitchen of plasticPurge the plastic: How to free your kitchen of plasticInfographic by Quill

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