Painting adaptation of Vetruvian Man

“An attitude which greets life with inspired expectation and an understanding of the power inherent in being present in the moment brings with it a capacity for resilience and, consequently, a more stress-free life experience. Such an attitude generates a growth mind-set which integrates people’s personal values with the choices they make. Anyone who values humor and good feeling values health and well-being for self and others, and realizes the connection between well-being and a happy, fulfilled life experience.

A person’s thoughts result in a person’s attitude, which results in a person’s choice, which results in a person’s behavior.

Understanding this logic lays a foundation for the increase of the experience of humor and concurrent resulting positive change. …

By positive change I mean here a movement in the direction of one’s purpose and vision for self, which would be based on core values personally meaningful to the individual. Goals would be met through actually living from the touchstone or ballast of one’s authentically articulated purpose in healthy, lighthearted, creative, and respectful ways. The meeting of these goals or intentions in this way would constitute positive transformational change.

It has been my experience over the years of working with people in transformational contexts … that people are able to access great reserves of resilience, common sense, and self-esteem when feeling hopeful. Once people begin to reclaim a sense of humor and hopefulness, creative thinking and pragmatic possibilities surface, providing insight directly connected to the specific problem at hand, regardless of personality, condition, or circumstance.

Of compelling interest is distinguishing the source behind the transformative process and how one can become more consciously aware of this source. How does one become free of the limitations that bind? How does one become aware of such limitations? And once aware, how does one address them in such a way as to be able to transmute them into strengths—using them as signposts, if you will, pointing us in the best direction to target the problem in order to evolve more into our inherently perfect selves?

The problems and questions are the precursors to the solutions.

It is the question which raises the possibility of hearing the answer. The question allows for the solution to be brought into conscious awareness. Therefore the longing is the promise of the fulfillment.”

~ from The Inward Outlook, by Laura Basha, Ph.D.

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About The Author

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Dr. Laura Basha is an organizational psychologist, writer, and artist. 

She is the Founder and Creator of WhiteBird Rising, a resource and guide for the transformational lifestyle. For over 35 years she worked with thousands of international clientele, using a principle-based paradigm of well-being, catalyzing an awakening in people to their authentic self-expression, creativity, and power. Her latest book, All Is Chosen, a beautiful handmade art piece, is a compilation of her life’s work, and can be viewed along with her other writings, videos, and artwork, at

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