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Yes, the coffee at home tastes completely different from the office Vendo, the usual 8 to 5 still sounds more professional and productive than working from home, and your home office is only giving you either more snooze or booze than boost. Remote work can honestly get arduous and exasperating with all these drawbacks especially when you become your own worst enemy. Nobody said it would be this hard, right? With a little push and a change in perspective, you can get back on your feet and thrive again. Here are a few tricks to get you started:​​

Acknowledge the situation

It is always important to acknowledge the things you are currently experiencing and accept them with your heart wide open. Acknowledging helps to keep your emotional well-being healthy. It is usually followed by acceptance which can make it easier for you to appreciate the good things about the current scenario. When you fully acknowledge the reality, you will be enlightened with its good side naturally. Believing you will do well is already half the battle. Let go of romanticizing the pressure, especially for those living in the sandwich generation.

Enumerate the things you are grateful for

Keeping a gratitude journal increases positivity. When you are aware of the things you should be thankful for, you are choosing to see more of the positive things in your life and giving less power to what is lacking. Your new watchwords are mindfulness and self-compassion. Staying grateful also helps you boost your self-esteem when you positively self-compare your list with others who might have it worse. Keeping a list for yourself can provide you with feelings of contentment and satisfaction, which are supposed to make you feel more grounded and motivated to surpass any challenge presented to you.

Look ahead and not behind

For others, it takes the burden off their shoulders when they think of the end result. In a remote work environment where it can get taxing and isolating, it is essential to know what is at the finish line waiting for you. It can be your travel plans for the year, the hobby you have been longing to try, or simply the purchase you have been wanting to get. It is ourselves who we can best rely on in times when we need some motivation.

Make your own home office

To work at your best, you should be somewhere you are really comfortable. Working from home can expose you to various distractions like a noisy environment, tempting smartphone usage, household chores, and other nuisances like pets, neighborhood construction, or your quarreling neighbors. Get rid of clutter, have ample desk space, and make room for natural lighting. Making a conducive home office environment can provide you more focus, productivity, and efficiency. 

Practice living with a routine

This is to make sure you are on track every day. When your mind knows it is supposed to work at a certain time, you mentally condition yourself to work and get things done for that period. Your routine should cover everything you do on a daily basis, from work, play to household chores. It allows you to budget your time so you can also adjust it accordingly should a need arise.

Set your boundaries

Remember that you are not a robot. You must learn to say no to yourself. We often get derailed or disheartened whenever we push ourselves to the limit only to find that we will not make it. By demarcating, you can spare yourself from overworking and burnout.

Stay connected with your friends and family

Open yourself to them and let them know how you are coping and handling certain challenges. You can be an inspiration to others who might be experiencing the same situation as you. Also, it helps to air out your sentiments, and having your friends and family listen to you can feel the same way a hug would.

Make giving a habit

As human beings, the urge to give is innate to us. We all are generous creatures. Imagine if only everyone has more to give. To spread happiness and show you care for your team or the people surrounding you, prepare a “thank you” token. It can be as simple as a pen, a gift check, or anything they can find useful. Not only will this give them a ray of sunshine but you will also feel a rush of what they call the helper’s high — the after-feeling that follows any act of giving, donating, and volunteering.

Stay positive

Remember, working from home is a head game. Your brain feeds off whatever you tell it. If you mope around and feel as though you are powerless and incapable of turning things around, you are most likely headed down the drain. Live with the law of attraction. If you charge yourself with positive thoughts, you can harvest positive results and go beyond.

Do not forget to stop and smell the flowers

Enjoy every moment and simply have fun. Not everyone is given the luxury of remote work where you can perform your job function at your pace and own space. Relax and take some time out when you need it. Do not be so caught up with work. Work can only make you a living but only you can make yourself alive.

by Arleen Atienza

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