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Update: Due to overwhelming demand, we have extended the contest to August 10th at midnight, PST. Winners will be announced on August 20th.
Here at evōx, we’re all about living in the moment. That’s why we’ve decided to host our very first Pinterest contest focused around making the most of summer!
What’s your Summer bucket list? Share it with us! You might win a To-Go Ware 3 Tier Stainless Steel Lunch box and Carrier Bag or one of two $25 gift certificates to the evōx store!
Is it long walks on sandy beaches as waves lap at your toes? Is it eating fresh watermelon slices and enjoying the juice streaming down your chin? What about taking road trips with your family and enjoying the time away from school?

We all have distinct memories and it’s always fun to see what a season brings to mind for different people. This is a great way for everyone in the evōx community to learn more about one another!

For inspiration, check out evōx’s Ultimate Summer Bucket List board right here.
Here are the rules:
To enter this contest, you must follow evōx on Pinterest. Create a board called “Ultimate Summer Bucket List.” Try to fill that board with at least 15 pins, but feel free to add more (or less) if you’d like! Why not start by checking out our food and drink recipes? Or maybe the contest image?

Add the hashtag #evoxSummer to each pin – even the ones not from evōx – and an interesting description, like why you’d like to check that activity off your bucket list this summer.

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To enter, post a link to your board in the comments section of this post. Only one board per person!

Not familiar with Pinterest yet? It’s easy and fun!

So, pin away! We can’t wait to see what your ultimate summers look like.

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Nikki Pava is the author of Green Wisdom: A Guide for Anyone to Start, Engage and Energize a Sustainability Team. She is also the founder of Alegria Partners, a consulting firm that specializes in sustainability engagement initiatives for mission-driven companies.

Prior to her work at Alegria Partners, Nikki founded EcoTuesday, a national networking forum that facilitated vital connections and essential change in the business community. EcoTuesday hosted more than 300 events in 12 cities across the country and brought together hundreds of sustainability professionals, making a positive impact in each city.

Nikki holds an MBA in sustainable management from Presidio Graduate School in San Francisco. She lives in an eco-community in Costa Rica and is currently writing a book about teams in businesses that focus on reaching their company’s climate change goals.

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