Many of us find inspiration and guidance from others. Sometimes that person becomes a true mentor. Perhaps everyone, much like a mentor, has something they can inspire us with. At evōxMove we are hoping that we can find inspiration from those within our community - People who are walking the walk. Today I would like to introduce one of those people as this week’s person on the move.

Name: Karli Blanarik
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Philosophy: Be happy, work hard, focus on your goals and keep going!

Bio: Karli has been an athlete her whole life, trying everything from gymnastics and martial arts to soccer and volleyball. Exploring new activities is one of Karli's favorite hobbies. Recently, Karli tried CrossFit and has since fallen in love with it. Working out five to six times a week and training for competitions, she is constantly getting stronger.

Karli is a certified personal trainer, though has yet to step fully into that career. She is also a level 1 certified CrossFit coach. She's completed three half-marathons and hopes to run her first full marathon at Disney World next year.

After spending most of her life struggling with her body image, she has finally learned to love her body and wants to help others love themselves. A life goal of hers is to help with the childhood obesity epidemic.

What does living a healthy and active lifestyle mean to you?

For me, I feel healthy when I eat real, quality foods and get a few good workouts in during the week. Sometimes, I can’t fit the intense CrossFit workouts that I love into my schedule, but I always find time for a quick run or walk to keep my heart pumping!

What are some of your favorite ways to keep active and maintain a healthy lifestyle?

I do CrossFit 5-6 times a week and follow a Paleo style diet about 80% of the time. Keeping up with a diet as strict as the Paleo diet can be challenging, so I prepare most of my food and snacks at home and drink lots of water.
How does the CrossFit community help support your health and fitness?

The CrossFit community is such an important component when it comes to reaching my goals because I constantly have something to work towards. I see someone else finishing a workout in a certain time or putting up a certain amount of weight and I say, “What do I need to do now to get myself there?” I keep track of my scores and fight to beat them. That is what keeps me going and drives me to better myself.

Tell me about Girlnetic and what part does it plays in your fitness lifestyle?

Girlnetic is a web based fitness community for women to connect and try out new fitness activities. Being a personal trainer and a Crossfit trainer, I can use my knowledge to host events and inspire others to live healthy lives. My goal, through Girlnetic, is to help women find a style of fitness that speaks to them, like CrossFit has done for me. Living healthy should be fun!

Where did your desire to help others achieve success in living healthy and active lifestyles come from?

My own struggles and battle with image have made me want to guide others away from harmful self-sabotaging acts, like calorie restriction, anorexia or bulimia, compulsive-exercise (over exercising as a way to purge calories), as well as negativity towards oneself. I have freed myself from these acts and I want to free others.

Before we go, what is the best advice you were ever given regarding your health that you would like to share with the evōxMove community?

Food is fuel for your body. Workout and then feed your body quality fuel to continue to perform at your best! As I increased the weights and intensity of my workouts, I realized I needed to feed my body quality fuel in order to see the gains I wanted. It’s amazing how eating more quality food helped me increase lean muscle and decrease body fat. ---

For me, Karli’s affable personality and expression of love towards others as well as herself speaks volumes. She has clearly struggled with accepting herself, but her success can give us all inspiration. The acceptance of who we are can be a lifelong path where seeing the success and trials of others can be a powerful motivator for each of us.

You can follow Karli on Twitter @beastmode_chic or check out her blog to stay up to date with her latest health and fitness experiences.

*Do you know any People On The Move?*

If you do and would like to see them highlighted here on evōx Television please send their name and contact information to for the chance to share their story. Remember, we are a community, so let’s get to know each other in our efforts to create a healthy and active world.

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Matt Hickling is a Level 1 certified CrossFit trainer who has been crossfitting since June 2012. Matt is currently a Registered Nurse in Albany Medical Center's Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. He also has a Bachelors of Science in Sports Administration from Castleton State College, where he played Division III college hockey. Prior to his career in nursing, he was Director of Corporate Partnerships for the Albany River Rats/ Albany Firebirds for 2 years. Matt plans to continue gaining future CrossFit certifications and go back to school to become a Nurse Practitioner.

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