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Anxiety is among the most prevalent mental health disorders in the world. It often intersects with other mental health ailments like depression and eating disorders, making it a persistent and difficult illness to treat. Medication and cognitive behavioral therapy are effective treatment options, but here are a few alternative remedies that can help combat the needles of anxiety.

1. Dancing

Keeping your body in motion is an excellent way to trigger a release of endorphins that will assuage negative feelings. While it can be hard to motivate yourself to exercise, dancing is a way to embrace a cardio workout that won't even feel like work. Whether you do it with friends or alone in your bedroom, dancing is a wonderful way to sweat out anxiety.

2. Cooking

Many people experience anxiety when they feel a loss of control in their lives. Taking command of your diet can help create a more powerful connection to your body and overall health. Try finding new recipes and become passionate about nutritious cooking to distract yourself from negative energy.

3. Walking

You've likely heard the phrase "walk it off" in regard to a physical injury, but the same can be applied to emotional pain and stress. During bouts of high anxiety, a brisk walk can go a long way toward regulating your mood and keeping you from spiraling into depression.

4. Scent Therapy

Lighting scented candles can suffuse your living space with tranquil fragrances that can calm an anxious heart. Scented soaps, perfumes, and lotions can also be strong mental triggers of happy memories and moments that are removed from anxious feelings.

5. Cannabis

The controversial marijuana plant has been thought to alleviate anxiety in some individuals for years. Other than smoking it, you can can also use a variety of hemp products that are low in THC and holistic for the body. Cannabis essential oil is used on its own, in cosmetics, perfumes, and even food. It can foster a calming effect and improve focus.

6. Art Therapy

Delving into your creative mind can help boost confidence and assuage anxiety by giving you something special to believe in. Whether it's painting, drawing, carving, writing, or jewelry making, investing in the world of art will allow you to emote and express yourself so that you can work through the root causes of anxious behavior.

7. Video Games

Immersing yourself into a virtual world is a unique form of escapism that cannot be rivaled by film or other forms of passive media. When you are anxious, it's easy to get stuck in a cycle of dark thoughts and emotions. Playing a video game offers a distraction from the chaos of your mind so that you can calibrate your mood.

8. Martial Arts

A regular exercise routine will help mind and body flourish, and martial arts is a unique activity that encourages the development of both mental and physical strength. Try looking for a local martial arts studio in your area to get started. Having the structure of a class can also help alleviate anxiety symptoms.

9. Lights

Illuminating your environment in a strategic way can emit a new wave of positive energy into your home or working space. Mood lighting can help you feel more relaxed and at peace during periods of intense anxiety. Consider stringing up holiday lights and using candles to give your environment a subdued glow.

10. Love

Ultimately, the intensity of love can eclipse anxiety and other negative mood disorders in a way that's unparalleled by other methods. Whether it's the passion of a hobby or the burn of a budding romance, opening your heart to love can be an effective medicine.

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