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“Things don’t just happen!”

This was the response I would hear from my father when I used to exclaim, “It just happened!” as an excuse for having done something wacky that I immediately knew would get me in trouble.

Deliberation and Decision

Whatever disastrous event I was responsible for that precipitated his stern rebuke, it all really started when I made a decision to act on my idea, didn’t it?


You already realize that the odds of successfully completing New Year’s resolutions, or those made any time, are marginal.

Perhaps it’s just a comforting ritual?

Take a few minutes and watch this video on YouTube that’s been viewed over fifty-three million times. It will be an important motivational tool for me moving forward.

My days will be overflowing with stories of achievement.

Make the decision every day to become the author and actor of your own success story.

Don’t Waste Your Valuable Psychic Energy!

I visualize mindfulness as time intersecting reality at the point of focused awareness.

Sacrificing present moments to live in regret makes no sense and is, indeed, harmful.

Forfeiting present moments worrying about things you can’t control is foolish.

The incredible power of the human mind to imagine wonderful and amazing possibilities is the same power that drives us to despair when we follow a path of regret and fear.

You choose the mental path; both are powerful.

The energy wasted on negativity depletes your psychic and physical energy–energy to productively construct the present moment–and that’s really the only moment we have, isn’t it?

All of life, of course, is lived moment by moment. Make sure you’re present and in control when it’s happening to you.

Remember, getting in shape (or any worthwhile achievement) is first an exercise of the will. And it, like your muscles, becomes stronger and more powerful as you use it.

Decide, in your moments, to become who you want to be!


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As a lifelong fitness enthusiast and armchair philosopher (BA in Social Science, UC Irvine), Steven communicates his passion for health and wellness with an offbeat slant. It's a lifestyle, he will insist; and fitness is really a journey to find what fits--for you. His personal fitness journey has primarily centered on resistance training for more than fifty years. An intense three-year exposure to Shotokan Karate under Sensei Ray Dalke and Sensei Edmond Otis in Southern California during his thirties (he is now 65, since you're wondering) had a significant impact on his appreciation for the martial arts as fitness disciplines. It is his sincere hope that you will find insight, inspiration, and knowledge from the ideas he sends your way. Find more of his work at The Senior Health and Fitness Blog.

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