ten and twenty dollar bills piled

When we say money comes and money goes it implies that money has a mind of its own. Like we do. We wake up and plan our day. We are going here. We are going there. We are either coming, going, or not. We are in charge of our going and coming. Sure we have obligations, but we still choose how we handle them. We choose when we come and when we go.

Let’s get back to money coming and going.

Does money really choose where and when it is going? Coming?

We choose. Where our money comes from. When our money goes. We are at the steering wheel. We are not the victims here. Money is not running here and there without our permission.

That is the good news and the bad news...

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Lynell Green is an Entrepreneur and business professional with over 25 years of business and real estate experience. After graduating from the University of Hawaii with a degree in Accounting, Lynell was part of the Audit team at Coopers & Lybrand and went on to take various financial positions in the entertainment sector. She has been involved in numerous entrepreneurial endeavors including owning Bread of Life Christian Bookstore, JC Enterprises and numerous real estate ventures.  She graduated from USC’s Ross Minority Real Estate Program where she found her passion for land use and how it impacts the lives of people.  She is the President of the Lynell Real Estate Group where the mission is to build, restore and sell real estate to create financial freedom for investors and improve the quality of life in the communities she works in.  She also teaches courses to improve financial literacy and to encourage people to pursue their dreams as a means to financial independence.

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