Silhouette of many people waiting in line.

What Are You Waiting For?

Waiting is an unavoidable fact of life.

Often when we’re waiting—in traffic, at the DMV, for our food to arrive—we grow impatient or frustrated.

We focus entirely on getting to the front of the line and completing the task.

In these moments when you have nothing to do but wait, you have a perfect opportunity to practice and encourage mindfulness.

Begin this practice whenever you are waiting during your day.

Whether you’re physically waiting in line or waiting on hold on the telephone, use the experience of waiting as your cue to practice.

Pay attention to what it is you are waiting for.

You are likely waiting for something specific.

Bring this to mind, recognizing the nature of the experience.

Check in to see if there is any impatience or frustration present with the waiting.

Watch for the energy in the body that results in fidgeting or the urge to take your cell phone out of your pocket.

If you feel the energy of impatience, soften into it and allow it to be present.

Feel the feet flat on the floor.

Gently scan the body from the ground up, bringing awareness to each part of the body for one breath.

Use the body scan to stay present, noticing any difficulties that arise.

When you move forward in line or get to the end, continue practicing mindfulness of the body.

Notice if the body relaxes or gets excited when you get toward the front of the line.

See how the body feels when you finish the task and have the waiting behind you.

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