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Just as you take food into your body, consuming both healthy and not-so-healthy options, you also consume media throughout the day.

You listen to music, watch TV, read the news, and so on.

Although these may provide knowledge and entertainment, they can also create anxiety and stress in our minds and bodies or take us away from our connection to the mind.

This exercise offers a few different ways to bring mindfulness to these moments of consumption.

They don’t necessarily need to be done step-by-step.

First, consider what the impact may be of what you are choosing to consume.

Are you reading the news to inform yourself, or to fuel frustration?

Perhaps the television show you watch has quite a bit of violence and gets your nervous system going.

This isn’t to label a show, story, or song as good or bad.

It’s merely about recognizing the effects of your choice.

As you consume the piece of media, notice the response of the mind and body.

If you are watching TV, mute the volume during commercials to check in with yourself.

When reading a news story, pause every few paragraphs.

Watch for stress, anxiety, or increased energy in the body.

Whether you’re watching television, reading news, or listening to music, try to be fully present

with your experience.

Watch the individuals on the TV, pay attention to the details of the news story, and hear the individual instruments of a song.

Dive into the experience with your full attention.

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